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Normal value of newborn jaundice

The normal value of neonatal jaundice is generally less than 5 mg.

Newborn serum bilirubin is greater than 5 mg of 5 mg, and jaundice can be found in the skin.Therefore, serum bilirubin below 5 mg is a normal range.Newborn jaundice is divided into physiological jaundice and pathological jaundice.Jaundice begins to appear after birth, reaching its peak in about 3-5 days, and then gradually fading.This situation is physiological jaundice and does not require treatment.The pathological jaundice bilots are higher than 5 mg per minute and continue to rise.This value increases by more than milligrams per day.In this case, it is necessary to go to the hospital for treatment in time to avoid bilirubin encephalopathy.

It is recommended to pay attention to protecting the skin of the newborn, the umbilical and hip cleaning to prevent damage to infection.

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