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Not only can pumpkin lower blood sugar but also anti -cancer?Can people with diabetes eat pumpkin?Tell you the answer

“Son, come to the supermarket to help me pick up pumpkin, I can’t move myself alone.” At the door of the supermarket, Aunt Wang bought 10 big pumpkins and was so tired.

After diagnosis of diabetes, Aunt Wang was always trembling, and she was afraid of eating food with fast sugar index, which caused blood sugar to unstable. Therefore, she made every effort to find out all kinds of “recipes” that can help lower blood sugar.

A while ago, I heard people say that eating pumpkin can reduce blood sugar, so I did not hurry to buy a lot of pumpkin.

The son saw that Aunt Wang had such a big battle, and there were probably some in his heart. It is estimated that he heard any rumors and quickly persuaded her to retreat the pumpkin.

However, Mrs. Wang didn’t listen, and stubbornly carried the pumpkin home. After three meals a day, she didn’t leave the pumpkin. Not only that, while taking pumpkin, she also stopped hypoglycemic medicine. She felt that it was three poisonous medicines, and pumpkin was safer.

Half a month later, Mrs. Wang frequently appeared dizziness, fatigue, and thirsty symptoms. She went to the hospital to find out that her blood glucose soared to 19 mmol/L.

This surprised her, isn’t it that pumpkin can reduce blood sugar? How can you eat blood sugar higher?

Pumpkin is a common vegetable on the summer table. Does it really have a magical effect of lowering blood sugar? Let’s follow Xiao Miao to learn about this.


First, pumpkin can not only lower blood sugar but also anti -cancer?

There are many rumors about hypoglycemic foods in life. Pumpkin is one of the “prestigious”. It is rumored that the polysaccharide ingredients contained in pumpkin can help lower blood sugar. Is this true?

Indeed, the polysaccharide components contained in pumpkin have been found to have a certain regulating effect on blood glucose in animal experiments, but this result cannot be directly inferred to the human body. And animal experiments are used for pumpkin polysaccharides, which is very different from eating pumpkin directly.

In addition, the pumpkin itself is a food with a high sugar lift index (GI), which is rich in starch, glucose and other ingredients inside. After entering the body, these ingredients will soon be absorbed and utilized by the human body, which will cause blood sugar to rise. Especially when eating pumpkin does not reduce the intake of staple foods, the sugar increase will be more obvious.

In addition to lowering blood sugar, the statement about pumpkin can help anti -cancer. Is this true?

It is rumored that pumpkin is rich in Beta-carotene, which can prevent cancer and anti-cancer.

Shi Zhengli, the junior technician of the Nutrition Department of Beijing Friendship Hospital: Pumpkin does contain Beta-carotene. In theory, Beta-carotene has antioxidant effects and is beneficial to reduce the risk of cancer. However, some experts specifically tested this. During the experiments, the experimenters supplemented a large number of Beta-carotene dietary supplements.

It was found that it did not prevent cancer. Not only that, excessive intake may also increase the risk of gastric and lung cancer.

It can be seen that pumpkin anti -cancer is not reliable. Xiao Miao reminds everyone here that it is not just pumpkin. It is not rigorous and unscientific to rely on any kind of food to fight cancer alone.


Second, these 3 kinds of food can not lower blood sugar, don’t believe anymore anymore

In addition to pumpkin, “blood sugar” foods have a lot of rumors. Follow Xiao Miao to see if it is reliable.

Corn: The ingredients such as polysaccharides, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and other ingredients contained in corn can help improve insulin resistance, but it is also an experiment on animals, and the result cannot be directly put on the human body. In addition to rich nutritional elements, the content of carbohydrates in corn is also very high. It belongs to high GI foods. A large amount of corn is easy to cause blood sugar to rise.

Tremella: Tremella also contains polysaccharides, and found in mouse experiments to help reduce blood sugar. However, there is no sufficient evidence that eating Tremella daily can help lower blood sugar.

Bitter gourd: The extract in the bitter gourd is proven to be similar to the insulin in animal experiments and has a certain role in assisting hypoglycemic. However, there is a big difference between this directly to eat bitter gourd. Animal experiments and human experiments are also completely different. It cannot be blindly considered that bitter gourd can reduce blood sugar.

Although these foods are not reliable to reduce blood sugar, they can still be eaten appropriately daily. Proper consumption can be added to the body to add diverse nutritional elements on the premise of ensuring nutritional balance.

Third, can people with diabetes eat pumpkin?

Pumpkin can’t help lowering blood sugar, or a high GI food, can patients with diabetes be eaten?

Of course, it is not recommended to consume a large amount of pumpkin in daily life, otherwise it will cause blood sugar to rise. When eating pumpkin, patients with diabetes are best to choose tender pumpkin instead of choosing some old pumpkins. The sugar and starch content contained in the old pumpkin will be relatively better.

At the same time, we must also pay attention to reducing the amount of staple foods in an appropriate amount when eating pumpkin to avoid excessive intake of starch.

Four, 4 steps to pick out a good pumpkin

As a kind of common food, pumpkin also has a lot of knowledge when choosing. Learning these four points can help you pick a good pumpkin.

1. melon stem

The melon stems on the top of the pumpkin with their hands are relatively hard, and the feel is as rough as the wood, indicating that the pumpkin is completely mature when picking. Conversely, if the melon stems are tender, it means that the maturity of pumpkin is not enough.

2. The smell of the smell is completely mature and smells a fragrant smell when it is not cooked. The immature is the taste of a vegetable melon, which is not very good.

3. Observe color

The darker the color of the golden pumpkin, the thicker the stripes, the higher the maturity. The green pumpkin is also the same, the more green, the more mature. In addition, the fresh pumpkin epidermis should be tight in oil.

4. Pay attention to melon

If the pumpkin is very hard after the pumpkin comes, it means that the pumpkin will be more sandy after being cooked, and the sweetness will be higher. The deeper the color, the higher the pumpkin maturity.

In the end, Xiao Miao emphasized here that blood glucose is a long -term treatment process. It is necessary to scientifically and progress in science under the guidance of a doctor. Do not blindly believe that rumors stop using medicine. This is an extremely irresponsible manifestation of health.

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