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Nursing precautions for children with kidney disease syndrome

1. Establish a reasonable and healthy diet plan for children

Family members should develop a reasonable and healthy diet plan for patients. In the control of diet, it is necessary to ensure 0.8 ~ 1.0g/kg of protein intake every day. The intake of protein is preferably to eat soybeans or animal proteins. The daily intake of heat should be greater than 126kJ/kg. If the edema is severe, the diet should be kept lower in salt, and the salt amount is resumed after the child is eliminated and the urine volume is normal. At the same time, to ensure the sufficient intake of various vitamins and trace elements.

2. Prevent patients infection

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Prevention of infection is very important for children with kidney disease, because children with kidney disease are low in immunity, it is easy to stimulate infection and threaten the life of children. To strengthen the nursing of the mouth and skin, we should rinse 2 to 3 times a day, and disinfect the damaged skin with nail purple and iodine. In every step of treatment and care, we must persist in sterile operation.

3. Communicate with children

Family members should strengthen communication and exchanges with their children in accordance with the discharge doctor’s order. Due to long -term illness treatment, children are prone to psychological problems such as anxiety and depression. For these negative emotions that children appear, parents should guide them in time to help children increase their determination and confidence to confront the disease. Parents should help children adhere to treatment for a long time and correctly. Parents should help their children perform proper physical exercise, maintain their physical strength, and enhance their physique.

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