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Nursing the baby’s little fart -early summer chapter

As soon as the summer, mothers began to think about how to reduce the burden on the baby’s little butt. Of course, the open crotch pants are the best choice, which is breathable and convenient. However, experts believe that in summer, the baby’s little fart is still wrapped, but the choice of methods and materials is particular.

The diaper rash covered with diapers

The baby’s diaper rash is caused by the skin in a sweltering environment for a long time. The cloth diaper needs to be checked frequently and frequently, otherwise it is prone to diaper rash (also known as “diaper dermatitis”). The outpatient clinic found that the incidence of diaper rash with cloth diapers was quite high, and some babies were even serious enough to “rot with the buttocks.”


Almost all babies using cloth diapers are plagued by diaper rash, 6%of which are moderate to severe diapers. As the proportion of baby diapers increased, baby diaper rash also decreased by 50 % to 80 %. However, the choice or use of diapers is not properly used, so that the baby’s diaper rash still has a certain incidence.

Summer wrap your baby’s fart

The selection or use of diapers is not properly used, so that the baby’s diaper rash still has a certain incidence. Baby care experts believe that in addition to choosing diapers with good and dry quality, they should also change diapers often for babies, especially in summer, hot weather, mothers have changed their open crotch pants for the baby, and then surrounded a diapers. More breathable and healthy baby’s buttocks healthy. Experts point out that cloth diapers and diapers have their own advantages and disadvantages. In addition to convenient diapers, it is better to prevent diaper rash than cloth rash, and the effects of diaper with strong absorption. Experts also pointed out that allowing the baby to put on crotch pants, the baby is prone to cold, and may also be infected with tapeworm disease or cause skin damage.

The little girl especially needs to wrap the fart, so they have poor vulva, lack of estrogen, and low vaginal epithelium resistance, which can easily cause the vulva to be infected. If the treatment of vulvation is incorrect or inaccurate in time, vaginitis, urethritis or cystitis are prone to occur. The consequences are very serious. Moreover, the skin of the vulva of the pediatric is soft and tender, and in the state of exposure, it is also easy to rub and damage and cause inflammation.

Many babies like to sit on the ground to play, or ride small bicycles on the fart. Wearing open crotch pants can make the parasites drill into the anus, and they will also cause eczema or infectious dermatitis due to the humid floor of the floor. In addition, if a adult with athletes walks on the ground, it is easy to make children who like to sit on the ground infected with mold diseases. Therefore, wrap the baby’s little fart with a wide and breathable cotton underwear. Usually pay attention to the hygiene of the child’s vulva and perianal, let the baby wash your hands frequently, do not touch the vulva with small dirty hands.

How to treat the baby’s “red butt”

Do not wash with hot water and soap when red buttocks have occurred. After changing diapers, apply tannic acid ointment or antidote vegetable oil on the red buttocks. When there is erosion, the child can be lying on the child, and it can be illuminated with ordinary 40 watt bulbs, 30-50 cm away from 30-50 cm, and 30 to 60 minutes each time to dry the local. There is a need to guard with someone to avoid burns. As long as you pay attention to the skin of the hips while treating treatment, the buttocks will soon improve.

How to prevent the baby’s “red butt”

In fact, as long as parents take care of them, buttocks are completely avoided, so parents must prevent prevention. First of all, you should use diaper to pay attention to using soft and water -absorbing pure cotton cloth. It is best to use white or light -colored old sheets, cotton shirts, and pants to make diaper. If you find that children are allergic to disposable diapers, they should be stopped immediately. Do not use dark color fabrics, especially new thick and blue cloth of black and blue. This kind of cloth is not easy to absorb water, and it is easy to scratch the child’s skin.

The diaper should be changed frequently, and it should be replaced immediately after dampness. After each stool, rinse the hips and the vulva with warm water, and dry it gently, apply some refreshing powder and disinfected vegetable oil, and pay more attention to the children of diarrhea.

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