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Nutritionists teach you to make creative low -card New Year dishes

What do I want to eat this year’s annual dishes? There are many meat -like ingredients in the traditional year, cooking high oil sugar and salt, and eating one meal. Each person takes an average of 1620 calories. In recent years, the awareness of vegetables and food has prevailed. The nutritionist team of the National Taiwan University Hospital used 65 fresh ingredients to design 10 Mediterranean creative vegetarian cuisine. Each person was about 900 calories, which greatly reduced the burden on the stomach and body.

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Zheng Jinbao, director of the Nutrition Room of the National Taiwan University Hospital, said that there are 5 kinds of vegetarian categories published by the Ministry of Health and Welfare including “full vegetarian”, “artcin”, “milk”, “milk eggin” and “plant five schola”. For a balanced diet, it is recommended to use “milk eggin”. One egg or 2 cups of low -fat milk per day can supplement calcium and vitamin B12 to prevent osteoporosis, anemia, and poor neuropathy.

In addition, many studies have confirmed that vegetable food contains a large amount of antioxidant substances, and balanced intake can help protect cardiovascular and prevent chronic diseases such as colorectal cancer.

In view of this, the nutritionist and chef team of the National Taiwan University Hospital uses various vegetables, beans, milk, and nuts to combine the diet of the Mediterranean to design the “native health vegetarian annual dishes”. , Able to achieve a healthy and balanced purpose.

Chef Cai Yushan said that among the 10 creative New Year’s dishes, the easiest to get started with Ziyama medicine salad, red wine throat mushrooms, and almond sweet fruit. It is simple to make, taste and visual enjoyment, which is suitable for housewives for reference.

“Huajin -Purple Yama Salad”

Ingredients: 250 grams of white yam, 250 grams of purple yam, 8 corn bamboo shoots, and 8 wolfberry.

Sauce: 50 grams of green pepper, 1 spoon of pine nuts, 1 spoon of olive oil, a little salt; 10 blueberries, 50c.c. 3 tablespoons of Luoshen flower sauce.


1. Peel the white yam and the purple yam, partially cut the bar, and part of the long filament.

2. Prepare a boiled water pot and put it in corn bamboo shoots, yam barrier and wolfberry.

3. Put the white and purple yam in a small dish in a small dish. Put the corn bamboo shoots. Put the yam filaments above and then click the wolfberry.

4. Blueberry and yogurt; add pine nuts, olive oil, and salt to the green pepper, and make it evenly with the juice machine. When eating, pour the sauce on the yam.

Small Ding Ding: The yam polysaccharides in yam are antioxidant small soldiers, and are rich in plant estrogen, which can help regulate the body’s resistance and improve the symptoms of menopausal discomfort. Wash and peel and eat it directly or hot. Eat it with sauce. Simply eat it to make the taste buds feel the original umami of the food.

Chef Small tricks: The fresh yam should be selected for complete skin. After cutting, there are more mucus and less moisture. If you don’t like the mucus taste of yam, you can improve it with hot water before cooking. Because yam contains plant crickets, it will make the skin itchy. Remember to wear gloves during treatment. In addition, it is easy to combine with oxygen in the air after the yam is peeled. It will not change color in cold water.

“Guihou -Red Wine Throat Mushroom”

Ingredients: 4 (about 200 grams), 2 beef tomatoes, 2 celery, 20 grams of lentils, eagle -mouth beans (also known as “Snow Lotus”) 30 grams, a little Italian spice, fresh Brazilian 10 Gram, red wine 50c.c., 1 tablespoon of olive oil, a little pepper.


1. Mix the mushrooms, mix olive oil, Italian spices, pepper and pepper, and marinate for about 4 hours to taste. Preheat the oven and bake at 120 ° C for about 10 minutes. After the lentils and eagle -mouth beans are soaked in water, they are steamed.

2. Cut the tomatoes and western gymnasis, chop them, and spare.

3. Take a pot, add olive oil, spices, tomatoes, and western diced until they are cooked, add red wine, pepper and mushrooms to cook, cook until the taste of the savanion mushrooms, mix in cooked lentils and eagle mouth beans. Can.

Xiao Dingxiang: The Mediterranean diet is characterized by a large amount of vegetables and seed ingredients. It has the effect of preventing cardiovascular diseases in recent years with tomatoes and spices. In recent years, research has been studied. This dish is added with lentils and eagle -mouth beans. In addition to increasing protein intake, the wheat embryos contained in beans are rich in wheat embryos, which will be absorbed with cholesterol competition in the intestine, which will help reduce blood lipids.

Chef Small tricks: Fresh Herry Head mushrooms are white, and brown or golden yellow after drying. When buying dry monkey head mushrooms, you should pay attention to whether the hairs are complete and the color is not natural; you need to soak the hair before making. You can take out the squeezed water and bitter taste, and then soak it into the water. Repeat movements until the squeezing water is transparent.

“Yulu -Almond Sweet Fruit”

Ingredients: 6 tablespoons of almond powder, 6 tablespoons of low -fat milk powder, 50 grams of antlers (coral algae), 100 grams of strawberries, 100 grams of cantaloupe, 100 grams of grapes.


1. Add the antlers and cook it with 1 liter of water, cook until the antlers are dissolved, and add the almond powder and milk powder to mix well.

2. Wash the fruits, cut it into the same size, and put it in method 1.

Little Ding Ding: The unsaturated fatty acids and fiber content of almonds are high. Studies have pointed out that it can reduce bad cholesterol, with strawberry and sweet cantaloupe and grapes with rich vitamin C content. It can also reduce too much snacks.

Chefs and little tricks: The antlers are cooked and made of cold dishes, with a crispy taste. This time, it is used as a material that increases consistency. It needs to be boiled with low heat. The process needs to be stirred continuously.Fruit can wait until the almond soup becomes cold, and then add it before serving to avoid softening for a long time and affect the taste.Further reading:

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