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Obesity can change the function of the respiratory tract muscle and increase the risk of asthma

According to a new study in the magazine published in the magazine published in the “American Journal of Physiology — Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology”, obesity can shrink the gas muscle, thereby increasing the risk of asthma.

In recent years, the trend of asthma and obesity in the United States has risen significantly. Because people with high weight index are prone to overall or local inflammation of the respiratory tract, obesity is the main risk factor for asthma.

Obesity patients “The risk of severe asthma is also higher, and its disease control ability is relatively decreased, and the response to corticosteroid hormone treatment has weakened. Due to excessive sensitivity of the smooth muscle of the respiratory tract. This allergic attribute causes respiratory tract stenosis and respiratory obstruction during muscle contraction or spasm.

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The research team will incubate the human respiratory tract smooth muscle cells and histamine (a chemical that responds to allergens) and Kababa bileine (a drug that stimulates the nervous system that stimulates the airway). These substances stimulating the respiratory tract can cause the cells to release calcium, thereby imitating muscle contraction. Researchers have found that more calcium released by muscle cells from obese patients’ body is more calcium released by response stimulation. In addition, cells from female obese patients release more calcium than cells from male obese patients.

These results show that the smooth muscle cells of obese patients have unique attributes, which may help develop new targeted therapies and avoid using hormone drugs such as steroids.


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