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Oh my god!Obesity may “murder” sperm


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As we all know, age, smoking, drinking, and indulgence are all factors that affect sperm quality. Do you know that obesity will also greatly reduce the sperm quality of men? This is a world full of malicious to fat people. Do you think obesity only affects the appearance? Do not! Obesity may cause male infertility! Do not believe? Scientific experiments and data can be confirmed:

Many foreign research centers have conducted in -depth research on obesity and sperm quality. Researchers Hammiche F, Hajshafiha M found that the higher the body mass index (BMI), the smaller the semen volume and density. few. The higher the BMI, the higher the incidence of low semen (<1.5ml), low sperm density (<15m), and the higher the total number of low sperm (<39m), and it is linearly related.

BMI shows that obese men are more than 3 times higher than normal people. In the research samples of Eisenberg ML, only 6%of patients with normal constitution index are suffering from young sperm disease, and patients with obesity group suffer from less essence. The symptoms are as high as 17%, which is nearly 3 times the difference. The possibility of the total number of low sperm in the obesity group is 19 times higher.

When the waist circumference (WC) is greater than 102cm, the larger the waist circumference value, the less sperm density, the total number of sperm sperm, and the incidence of liberal sperm is 7 times compared to normal men.

Many domestic researchers are committed to this study. Xiao Yu and other researchers also believe that obese people are more likely to accompany the decrease in semen volume and vitality. Researchers such as Zhu Hong found that the higher the BMI, the greater the age and infertility period, and the smaller the density with the sperm.

What is infertility? Infertility refers to a normal sex life after a sexual marriage, and has not conceived together for two years. Among them, the woman’s infertility was called male infertility. There are currently as many as 20 million patients with infertility in my country, and 40 % of male infertility account for infertility (30 % of men’s factors, and men and women are 10 %).

Mature sperm cells include three parts: head, middle, and tail. After the sperm enters the women’s reproductive pipeline, the energy process is obtained, the biological and dynamic modification occurs, and the extremely active sportiness is obtained. Once the sperm combines the transparent zone of the egg, it will induce tide cell vomiting, release the tide hydrolyzed enzyme, and fuse with the oval membrane to complete the fertilization. Sperm quality evaluation standards include sperm concentration, sperm -based integrity, top body integrity, color state, granular activity, sperm fertilization ability, etc. Common test parameters of sperm include reproductive hormonal spectrum (overall and free testosterone, estradiol, LH, FSH) and sperm -related parameters. Testicles damage, HPT shaft abnormalities, or diseases can cause abnormalities, decreased sperm, abnormal sperm morphological function or dysplasia, and weakening activity.

Men’s body fat rate exceeds 25 %, and BMI [(BMI) = weight (kg) ÷ height (meter) 2] is greater than 30kg / m2, which can be classified as obesity. BMI is the main indicator of obesity. The main classification is as follows: BMI 18.5 ~ 24.9kg / m2 is normal, 25kg / m2 and above are overweight, and 30kg / m2 and above are obesity.

There are many mechanisms for obesity murder sperm, which are summarized as follows:

① The sperm DNA damage rate of obese patients is higher. Oxidation stress is one of the mechanisms for men’s infertility and obesity.

② Sperm development and maturity are related to the concentration of epididymal α-glucosidase and sperm sugar, and BMI affects these two biochemical markers.

③ Obesity can cause sperm’s low mitochondrial membrane potential (MMP), causing phospholipidaline (PS) to externalize and promote apoptosis. Discovery live sperm detection through membrane trial v/PI dyeing and streaming cells, obesity will reduce the percentage of living sperm and generate more sperm DNA fragmented sperm.

④ Obesity can also affect the secretion of sex hormones: leading to total testosterone, serum testosterone (T), testosterone and luteal formin ratio (T/LH), sperm density, sperm activity, sex hormone binding globulin; when BMI exceeds 35kg/m2 At the same time, BMI increases, and the inhibitory B, T/LH, LH/FSH gradually decreases. Obesity men’s excessive fat can promote the transformation of androgen to estrogen, and obesity increases E2, abnormal sperm morphological rate, serum FSH, E2, PRL, abdominal fat to promote various fat factors such as leptin, lipotinin, and resistance. Secrets, interfere with the body’s reproductive endocrine.

⑤ Obesity causes male endocrine disorders: hypertrophic leverin, can disturb testicular steroids and differentiation and development of sperm cells, enhance the feedback suppression of the HPT axis, reduce testosterone and then increase the storage of visceral fat and abdominal fat, and increase estrogen increases. It is conducive to the differentiation of fat cells and leads to decreased gland function.

⑥ Patients with obesity may have to varying degrees of insulin resistance, increasing the incidence of metabolic syndrome. The sensitivity of insulin is reduced, resulting in the level of total testosterone, free testosterone, sex hormone binding globulin SHBg, luteal genericin, increased estrogen alcohol content increased content increased Sperm density, survival rate and normal morphological rate.

⑦ The fat layer of the obese men’s pubic bone and the inside of the thigh increases, affects heat dissipation, the testicular temperature rises, produces testicular thermal stress, causing sperm’s low oxygen environment, induced apoptosis, affects gene expression and DNA repair Sperm conception is reduced, reproductive cell loss, and increased apoptosis.

Obesity can cause erectile dysfunction (ED), especially obese men with increased triglyceride levels and high density lipoprotein levels, which will further increase their risk of ED. Cardiovascular diseases that are more likely to cause obesity can also cause male erectile dysfunction, such as delayed dysfunctional dysfunction and vascular endothelial dysfunction.

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发 Obesity is one of the high -risk factors that trigger sleep and respiratory suspension of syndrome. It obviously suppress the secretion of night testosterone, which makes the testosterone and sex hormone binding protein levels lower than the normal population level. disorder.

After watching so much, do you dare to continue fat? For the descendants of health, put down the fried chicken beer beverages in your hand, let’s go out to exercise fat!

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