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OL in the workplace should beware of 5 psychological diseases

The rhythm of the office workers is fast, stressful, and the three meals are not on time, which is prone to disease. Not only that, under high pressure, women are also prone to various psychological diseases. In this regard, Xiaobian called on everyone to prevent 5 psychological diseases at work.

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With the increase of work pressure, the symptoms of insomnia occur from time to time. Insomnia is the most common symptom of neurasthenia, and many people have finally evolved into neurasthenia due to insomnia. It is a mental state of mild disorders that cause mild disorders of the brain due to the long -term continuous excessive tension of advanced nervous system. The cause of the disease is often not a single, but the result of the mutual influence of multiple factors.

Patients with neurasthenia often have the characteristics of introverted, inferiority, sensitivity, suspicion, lack of self -confidence, subjective, strong, impatient, weak self -control, and weakness. These mental factors are combined with individual psychological characteristics. In a state of persistent tension.

Obsessive disorder

Obviously, or lying on the bed, I was lying on the bed, and I just climbed up to make sure that the door was locked. Did the drawer close; or just left the house, I constantly doubted that I forgot to lock the door and constantly forced myself to force myself Go back and see … These signs are all manifestations of obsessive -compulsive disorder.

These seemingly insignificant small details will deeply affect our lives. Therefore, women in the workplace should not be too strong. Just work hard to work. Do not force themselves to do things that are unwilling, otherwise obsessive -compulsive disorder is prone to occur.


Television, telephone, computer, email, mobile phone, Internet, MSN, QQ and other modern communications equipment and communication methods brings convenience to our daily life and work, and also bring us new distress.

When some of the information suddenly disappeared by our side, my heart began to feel anxious, panic, and even symptoms such as dizziness and chest tightness. This phenomenon was the manifestation of anxiety. In addition, strong psychological factors such as frustration in family life or work, due to the died of illness, and conflict of interpersonal relationships can easily lead to the attack of anxiety.


In office workers, they often leave home. After returning home every day, they are still lonely, and they do n’t even have a speaker. Slowly, began to develop a person to eat alone, do things alone, and travel alone, which can easily lead to autism.

Therefore, I usually go out to play with friends, and tell the dissatisfaction in my heart.


Depression is a neurotrophic reaction caused by long -term depression and anxiety. The reason why young women are prone to depression are closely related to the psychological and physiological characteristics of social environmental factors. Young women are not as strong as men of peers, but they have to bear the same huge psychological pressure. This may be the direct cause of young women more likely to suffer from depression.

Young female nerve endocrine systems with depression disorders, normal physiological cycles are also disrupted, and symptoms are diverse. In addition to the main mental symptoms such as mental depression and low emotion There are also many symptoms such as gynecological symptoms such as abdominal pain. The psychological problem of women’s workplace is not only a minor problem in personal emotions, but has become a social problem that cannot be ignored.

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