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“Old cows eat tender grass” have a lot of benefits

According to the theory of “existence is reasonable”, the prevalence of “old cows eat tender grass” is not just so popular, but also a lot of benefits. Now it may be a little bit. Look at the following content …

Benefit 1: Make up for the lack of fatherly love. Some girls lack father’s love when they are young. This spiritual hunger and thirst, and some girls only have the most perfect men in their teens. It will be found that the same age boys do not have what they want, but they will be found on the old man. The old man’s subconscious will also take care of the younger wife, and a man who gives love to his father, why not?

Benefits 2: Let men look for the second spring. Because they are young, they are leisurely every day. The old man basically know how to hurt his young wife. Generally, there are some sense of responsibility. Men who have the ability are afraid of the old. Looking for the second spring, the feeling of “small birds” and “spring vines around the tree”, I think no man can resist. On the contrary, their love is more mature and deeper.

Benefit 3: Knowing that humility makes some women like to make trouble for many times, the old man, after wind and rain, what kind of frame has not been seen? Forbearing and quiet, not to mention her little daughter, the more the women are more noisy. After consciousness, I will be more deadly at the old man, a little bit of grievance, in exchange for a willing mood, value.

Benefits 4: Taking care of people In the eyes of men, young wives are children, and they are coquettish and willful. The old man’s spoils and more love. Here you can find it on the old man. The old man must eat more than meter. They know how to take care of a woman better, it is not easy to remarry.

Benefit 5: There is always a sense of crisis. You know, you find that the old man is destined to have a sense of crisis at all times. No need to say in detail, you also know.

Benefits 6: Knowing that life in modern society is very stressful to people. The old man generally has a certain economic ability. Women will be willing to marry him willingly. Men are under pressure to provide houses for car elderly wives. Of course, the young wife also knows how to please her husband. When the bank password gives you, you must also know that he really loves you. One uses each other’s rich life experience to fill himself, one with a youthful face to make another young mood.

Benefit 7: The matter of harmony in private life seems to be concerned by everyone, but some scientists have pointed out that older men usually respond to flirting in a slow way. Women also feel that warm and slow flirting is ecstasy. Secondly, young women will not only produce yin, but also persist for a long time. The old men’s erection process is slow, so the end is also slow, so the two sides can be called a super combination.

Benefits 8: The probability of men’s abroad decreases “old cows to eat tender grass”. The chance of men will be greatly reduced. The days of the night and night, they know that they will ignore the love wife at home, let alone the young wife at home does not make people feel assured that people will not be assured Go home early, the marriage relationship is safer and better, as long as it is a combination of real love, “Lao Niu eats tender grass” will also be happy and long. On the contrary, when the little woman is soaked in K song, the old man at home must be anxious to go to the wall.

Benefit 9: Men will prolong life scientists that “old cows eat tender grass” can prolong life. Scientists have found that older men lock their attention to young girls, while women like more mature men. These universal models are actually the demand for evolution and the most successful evolution model adopted by humans. This is what a scientist said, and also said that the next generation of “old cows eat tender grass” will be more intelligent. Because his father is older, of course, the development of intelligence is of course more mature than youth.

On the other hand, the younger mother provides a good nurturing environment to the fetus

Benefit 10: A sense of responsibility and a long sense of security than you have been in traditional education for a long time. He has a sense of responsibility for his family, wife and children. Although the years have passed silently, it is not a trace of snow.

He made men in the years more plump and more male charm. Mature men are more like a lamp in a woman’s way forward, eliminating the fear brought by darkness, and making women more clearly distinguish the direction.

Choosing a man of a father to be a husband, although it seems to be somewhat deviated with the traditional marriage, but it is important that happiness is the experience of two people’s hearts, rather than measured by the age gap. Whether the old husband or wife, or the old wife and husband, love each other, feel warm and satisfied with each other, I think, that is enough.

(Intern editor: Zhu Dongman)

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