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Old man’s shoes sampling, nearly half of the unqualified!4 kinds of shoes are very hurt, try to wear as little as possible

I bought an old man’s shoes, but how did I hurt myself.

Aunt Zhang often sees the advertisement of the elderly shoes on the Internet, saying that it is anti -slip anti -stick and earthquake, and it is very suitable for the elderly who are inconvenient to the older legs.Aunt Zhang was very excited, thinking that her shoes were worn fast, and they called and placed the order in one go.

After putting it on, Aunt Zhang felt soft and unaccustomed to the soles. She fell to the ground and fell a fracture of her shoulders.

Old man's shoes sampling, nearly half of the unqualified!4 kinds of shoes are very hurt, try to wear as little as possible

Old people shoes are no stranger to many people. Young people like big -name shoes, and the elderly will also tend to be old -fashioned shoes for their own health considerations.But in fact, the market for older shoes is mixed.

Recently, the Liaoning Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau issued an announcement that 12 batches of elderly shoes products were spot -checked. As a result, 41.6%of the products were unqualified, the abrasion resistance was not available, and the micro -hole materials were compressed and deformed.

In 2021, the Guangzhou Consumer Council and the Foshan Consumer Council issued a test report for an old man’s shoes. 40 shoes were sampled, and eight types of carcinogenate were detected. The most serious one was 302 times over the standard.

In 2019, 40 senior shoes of the Consumer Protection Association of Shandong Province were sampled. As a result, the 34 models were detected to cause carcinogenic phenol polyoxyethylene ether.

Old man's shoes sampling, nearly half of the unqualified!4 kinds of shoes are very hurt, try to wear as little as possible

First, the elderly shoes are frequently exploded. Is it IQ tax?

Is the elderly shoes an IQ tax?

According to Wei Fangyuan, an ankle surgery center of Beijing Tongren Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University, the feet of the old people’s heels will be slightly different.In the process of aging, the structure and function of the feet will change some changes. For example, the muscle strength weakens, the tendon becomes relaxed, and the ligament elasticity weakens.Therefore, there is a thick support in the foot of the shoes, which can support the collapsed arch.

And a pair of suitable shoes can reduce the risk of the elderly’s fall -according to the test data of the Shanghai Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 47%of the cases of the elderly in the clinic are caused by the slippery of the elderly, and the damage to the elderly is not onlyOnly skin damage may also cause tissue dislocation and fracture, and even the brain damage, the elderly lose their ability to take care of themselves.

It can be seen that elderly shoes are not “IQ taxes”. Choosing a pair of suitable elderly shoes is essential to prevent the elderly from falling to fall.

A qualified elderly shoes need to meet these standards:

Old man's shoes sampling, nearly half of the unqualified!4 kinds of shoes are very hurt, try to wear as little as possible

1. Sole:

The hard and soft is moderate, too thin and easy to rub the soles of the feet, too thick and not easy to feel the ground, and it is easy to fall. The soles of the elderly are thin. You should choose a thicker insole than ordinary insoles.

2, toe:

To avoid sharp -angle shoes, a wider toe can increase the space of the foot movement, and it is not easy to squeeze the feet.

3, fabric:

The fabric can choose the breathable model, which can avoid the wet and hot environment of the feet, causing bacteria and fungi to breed infections.The selection of shoes is lighter, which can reduce the burden on the foot.

4. Shoes Gang

At the age of the ankle, the stability of the ankle becomes poor, and the shoe is too high to stir up, but there is no shoe help at all.It is best to choose a shoe gang slightly higher than the ankle, to support the ankle well, restrict joint twisting, and avoid injuries.

Old man's shoes sampling, nearly half of the unqualified!4 kinds of shoes are very hurt, try to wear as little as possible

Warm reminder here, buying elderly shoes, you also need to attach great importance to the logo of the product, and there are no products for lightning protection.Shoe product logos should include: trademarks, product names, execution standards, shoe numbers, goods numbers, color, quality, quality level, origin, corporate name and contact information, materials, three packs regulations, production date and other information.The logo is generally detected by national standards to meet the requirements of appearance quality, physical performance, and chemical safety.

2. From the state of the sole, you can also see your health

The usage rate is high, and the ground often rubs the ground. The wear is very normal. Generally, the position of normal wear is concentrated on the outside of the heel, and the wear is slight and left and right.However, if the soles are severe asymmetric, they must be alert to whether the disease affects the motor.

Zhou Bao, a rehabilitation department of Shandong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, reminds that these wears need to be paid attention to:

1. Outside of large toe wear

The outer wear of the large toe may be caused by the folding of the thumb. Such people will tend to lift the heels prematurely, resulting in the pressure on the big toe.Outside the thumb, it is easy to cause chicken eye and calluses. When the symptoms are severe, walking can cause pain and require surgery.

2. Dordling in the back

The heel on the inner side is obviously worn, which may be caused by the knee look or flat foot.Such people need to rely on the inside of the foot, so the inside of the shoe will wear faster.Flat feet can make the foot elasticity lower, the calf muscles are forceful, causing frequent cramps or swollen inner joints, and the inner force walking method will also cause the pelvis to tilt and easily cause lumbar spine problems.

3. The back and outer side wear is too serious

The rear and outer sides are too serious in O -type legs or high bow feet. Because the knee joints of the legs are separated outward, the calf knee joint is separated outward.

Third, some shoes are very hurt, don’t care

If the shoes are not right, they will not only cause discomfort, but also cause some foot diseases.Especially these 4 kinds of shoes, do you often wear it?

1. Human character drag

Old man's shoes sampling, nearly half of the unqualified!4 kinds of shoes are very hurt, try to wear as little as possible

Human characters need to squeeze support between the big toe and the second toe. Long -term wear can easily lead to abnormal blood circulation.

2. “Heights”

High -heeled shoes hurt your feet. Although the thick -soled shoes are not inclined with high heels, the center of gravity is heavier, which will lead to poor stability. If you don’t pay attention to walking, it is easy to prestige.3. “Stepping on shit” net red shoes

“Stepping on shit” is synonymous with soft description of modern people. Shoes are not “softer and better”. Many elderly people often think that shoes are very soft and soft. This is wrong.Too soft soles lack support, lack of rebounds, and insufficient stability. It requires calf muscles to force force, which can easily cause calf fatigue.Frequent soft soles will also affect the support of the arch, and over time, the functional flat feet are caused.

4. Wooden shoes

The bottom of the wood is not easy to deform, but the elasticity is very poor. When walking, it does not close the soles of the feet. Instead, it causes a lot of pressure on the knee. Especially for patients with arthritis, if you insist on wearing wooden shoes, it will easily cause knee pain to worsen.

The old people’s shoes are not IQ taxes, but they must also be purchased according to the actual situation of the elderly. Not all expensive shoes and good shoes are suitable for the elderly.””.In particular, you need to buy qualified shoes to avoid buying “black -hearted shoes” that exceeds the standard of carcinogens

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Old man's shoes sampling, nearly half of the unqualified!4 kinds of shoes are very hurt, try to wear as little as possible

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