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Old people should eat more vegetarian health and health

Now the living conditions have improved. I often eat big fish and meat. Too little vegetarian food will inevitably make their bodies feel uncomfortable. It is recommended that the elderly best eat some vegetarian foods. It is a good choice for middle -aged and elderly people in winter.

Old people should eat more vegetarian health and health


Marine vegetables are low -calorie, low -fat, and some seaweed have blood lipids. Plomelona such as kelp is rich in colloidal fiber, which can significantly reduce serum cholesterol. For women, kelp has not only health, hairdressing, and weight loss, but also helps to treat breast hyperplasia. Seaweed also contains many unique active substances, which has the effects of lowering blood pressure, lipid lowering, sugar reduction, and anti -cancer.


Onions contain compounds such as cyanopine and sulfate, which helps the dissolution of thrombosis. Onions are almost non -fat, so it can inhibit the increase in blood cholesterol caused by high fat diet and help improve atherosclerosis.


Its mucin can prevent fat deposition of cardiovascular system, maintain blood vessel elasticity, and prevent arteriosclerosis; reduce subcutaneous fat deposition and avoid obesity. The dopamine in yam has the function of expanding blood vessels and improving blood circulation.

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes have a strong reduction of cholesterol in the blood, maintaining blood acid -base balance, delaying aging and anti -cancer anti -cancer effects. Sweet potatoes are rich in dietary fiber and glue volumeal bowel movements.


Corn is rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, selenium, etc., as well as vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, E and carotene, etc., which are also rich in fiber. Eating corn oil often can reduce blood cholesterol and soften blood vessels. Corn has auxiliary treatment effect on cholecystitis, gallstones, jaundice hepatitis, and diabetes.


Another selection of oats’ healthy staple foods has the effects of cholesterol and blood lipids. Oats are rich in oat fibers, which are not found in other grains. Because this fiber is easily absorbed by the human body, and because the heat content is low, it is not only conducive to weight loss, but also suitable for heart disease, hypertension, and diabetic people.

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