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Olympic players said that swimming experts said that swimming could not cure asthma

Recently, in a growth inspirational program, the father of the swimming Olympic player Fu Yuanhui told her daughter to learn swimming since she was a child, and she cured asthma. Cause many netizens to ask, is swimming and asthma reliable? Experts say that exercise can only help enhance physical fitness and reduce triggering factors. Asthma intervention is necessary.

In the show, Fu Yuanhui’s father said that Fu Yuanhui cough very hard when he was two or three years old, and he kept coughing. Take her to the hospital, the doctor said she has a tendency to asthma. Since then, Fu Yuanhui’s symptoms have become more and more severe. He had coughing for half a month, and he was asthma. He could only sit and sleep at night. Father Fu was looking for a famous doctor, but the doctor said that he couldn’t cure it. Finally, Dad Fu decided to take his daughter to try swimming. Holding the original intention of swimming fitness to treat asthma, Fu Yuanhui began to receive regular training. After a year, asthma did not have an attack.

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Father Fu’s narrative has aroused heated discussion among netizens. Some netizens also said that there are babies at home with asthma. I wonder if this method can really cure asthma. At the same time, many netizens have puzzled, thinking that Fu Yuanhui’s method is not necessarily suitable for everyone. Wang Ying, director of the Department of Respiratory Department of Wuhan Children’s Hospital, said that not all asthma is asthma. For example, the persistent asthma of early occurrence and early onset of onset will gradually disappear as the child grows up. After the age of 3, the latter generally continues to disappear during school age, and some of them still have symptoms at the age of 12. “If the real asthma does not interfere with treatment, it will not heal itself, and there is no clinical study that has confirmed that swimming can cure asthma.” Wang Ying said that children with delayed asthma are real asthma. Such children have typical characteristic backgrounds of characteristic symbolic symbolic background For example, the history of infant eczema, rhinitis, skin allergies, drug allergies, parents have a history of rhinitis and asthma. If they are not standardized, the symptoms of asthma will continue until the adult period. However, through long -term swimming, the body is exercised, the lung volume and resistance have improved, and the most easily leads to the reduction of the cold of asthma. This is an important role in improving asthma.

Experts remind that children with asthma in children must adhere to regular consultation and long -term regular treatment. If the parents cooperate well and persist in standardized treatment for 2-3 years, it can achieve a complete relief. Parents should not think that when children grow up, they will heal themselves. If asthma occurs repeatedly, inflammation is repeatedly stimulated, the hyperplasia of the airway fiber tissue, increased glands, and smooth muscle hypertrophy will cause the airway structure to change, and the lung function decreases. This damage is permanent and irreversible, which seriously affects the growth of children’s growth Development may even cause sudden death.

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