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Once women have 4 symptoms, they may be stared at by breast cancer, it is best to check

“The waves are running, the waves are flowing, and the rivers are endless …”



I do n’t know how many people ’s memories can be aroused. In the 1980s, a song of“ Shanghai Beach ”became popular all over the country. To this day, it is still the divine song in many people’ s hearts.

The original singing of “Shanghai Beach” is Ye Liyi, a Hong Kong singer in China. After being called a song, she has recorded more than 80 solo albums.The torture of the disease has been found to be breast cancer. Due to depression, almost committed suicide, grandson found brain cancer …

However, the disease did not defeat her, and she was still insisting on her musical career, opening a concert, and wanted to sing, interacting with fans who loved her.

Once women have 4 symptoms, they may be stared at by breast cancer, it is best to check

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1. After a generation of songs, Ye Liyi, suffering from cancer success, suffering from suffering

1. 36 to 42 years old, IVF has repeatedly failed

Ye Liyi has a son with her ex -husband, and the two have divorced due to their inconsistent personality.After that, she met and married with her current in 73 years. They have always wanted to belong to their own children. In the age of 36 to 42 years, Ye Liyi tried multiple IVFs, hormonal, and emotional fluctuations.She often washed her face with tears, and she was sad every time she failed. Due to her age and other factors, she could not do so.

2. 48 -year -old breast cancer

In 1996, Ye Liyi was found to have a breast cancer due to her breast mass. She had just found breast cancer. She was full of fear. She couldn’t fall asleep at night. In order to survive, she removed her right breast and received radiotherapy.

3. 50 years old depression

Although she defeated cancer, her emotions were greatly affected after the treatment, and her son was married to make her feel lonely.At the age of 50, Ye Liyi was diagnosed with depression, and even had the idea of suicide many times: “I feel that leaving this world when I get sick is the biggest liberation, and I feel uncomfortable.”Eventually, with the family of her family, she walked out of the haze.

4. 73 -year -old new crown pneumonia

In 2021, 73 -year -old Ye Liyi went to visit relatives with her husband. After arriving at the ground, both had symptoms of cough and sore throat. They were subsequently diagnosed with new crown pneumonia.Since neither of them had basic diseases, the symptoms on their bodies after taking medicine quickly faded down, and nucleic acid testing also turned from yang to yin after 4 days.

Ye Liyi’s life has “played against” the disease many times, but in the end she retired. In the process of confrontation with the disease, is there any cheats?

Second, the secret of anti -cancer success, everyone can learn

Once women have 4 symptoms, they may be stared at by breast cancer, it is best to check

1. No scolding

“Don’t scold people loudly, keep your health, naturally there is no problem!” Ye Liyi’s maintenance secrets are usually not scolding loudly.

Don’t underestimate this small detail in life, especially for patients with breast cancer, especially not angry.Breasts are the targeted organs of emotions. They have long been in a state of excessive mental stress and poor emotion. It is easy to cause changes in cells and breast tissues. Poor mood can also cause endocrine system disorders. These will increase the risk of breast cancer.EssenceFor those who have already suffered from cancer, it is not conducive to the recovery of the condition.

2. Doctor encouragement

In the process of illness, Ye Liyi experienced the lowest tide in her life. In an interview afterwards, she said that she was the most difficult period with her three secrets, which was the love of her loved ones, the encouragement of the doctor, and a good mentality.

For patients with breast cancer, early treatment is very important, especially in cooperation with doctors to regulate treatment.The main treatment plan for early breast cancer patients is mainly surgery, and the survival rate of more than 90%after standardized treatment can reach more than 90%.

3. Do not smoke or drink, go to bed early and get up early, develop good habits

“To maintain good health, you must not cigarette or get up early, especially after cancer, and you will be more cautious.” Ye Liyi has a good living habits.Adhering to her good habits laid a good foundation for her successful anti -cancer.

do you know?Long -term adverse habits are closely related to the occurrence of cancer.Data show that 80%of cancers are related to unhealthy living habits, such as smoking, lack of exercise, drinking, and emotional depression.

Early discovery and standardized treatment of breast cancer can obtain good prognosis and survival period.For women, you should observe your physical performance in daily life, and seek medical treatment in time after abnormalities.

Third, the sooner the breast cancer is discovered, the better, don’t ignore these symptoms

Once women have 4 symptoms, they may be stared at by breast cancer, it is best to check

1. Breast asymmetric

When there is a lump in the breast, the lumps will continue to grow, and then symptoms such as local infiltration and direct spreading will cause bilateral breasts to differentiate in terms of volume and morphology.

2. Nipple abnormalities

When abnormal nipple pancreatic fluid and nipple retracting/raising symptoms during non -pregnancy, highly vigilant may be that breast cancer may come.

3. Breast lump

Breast cancer can cause abnormal lumps in the breasts of patients. Most of the lumps appear in a single, which have the characteristics of hard texture, unable to move, and irregular shapes. Most of the lumps have no pain.Appear.

4. Breast skin ulcers

Breast cancer may also cause creamy skin ulcers, breast skin red, pimples, etc.

The “China Oncology Prevention Magazine” pointed out the screening standard for female breast cancer. Ordinary people generally recommend breast screening at the age of 45 to 70, and screened breast ultrasound examination every 1 to 2 years.And some families have a history of breast cancer, a history of breast biopsy/the history of breast benign disease surgery, and the number of miscarriage> 2 times that are high -risk people with breast cancer. Such groups are recommended to start screening from the age of 40.Ultrasound combined with breast X -ray photography examination.In recent years, the number of breast cancer has increased more and more, and it has become more and more young.All women need to pay attention to this, observe more physical performance, and seek medical treatment in time after discovering abnormalities.

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Once women have 4 symptoms, they may be stared at by breast cancer, it is best to check

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