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One -year -old baby does not need high -end toys

When the baby is almost 1 year old, most of them like to use things as drums. Some parents bought electric toys specifically for their children. They did not expect that their children would knock on the table. As a result, they broke it a few times.

Children around 1 year old want to know the relationship between various objects, objects and objects, and the results of his movements that can produce different objects. Children know that doing this will produce different sounds, and they are different and weak, and the effect of sounding sound is also different. For example, knocking the table with a wooden block will make a slap sound; knock on the iron pot and make a sound; hold a piece of wooden blocks on each hand, and the sound seems to be even more wonderful. Babies quickly learned to choose to knock on the objects, learn to control the power of knocking, and then developed the coordination of his own movements.

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Therefore, parents do not have to buy high -end toys for children of this age. They only need to find some spoons, toys hammers, toy small iron pots, carton and the like.


(Editor in charge: Zhao Yuanyuan Intern editor: Zhang Yumei)

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