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Only to know: These 9 people are more likely to have diabetes, and they are more than 40 years old!

With such a pair of brothers, people have succeeded in their middle age. They have become the boss. The brother is 60 this year and the younger brother is 48 years old. Human mother also died prematurely because of diabetes complications.

Let’s talk about my brother first, and after discovering that he suffers from diabetes, he also begins to know that he needs to be treated, but the medication is also intermittent. The blood sugar control has been unsatisfactory. Until recent years, hypertension has occurred. Last year, it was hospitalized because of edema. Diabetic nephropathy, chronic renal failure, renal hypertension, CKD3 phase, only realized the seriousness of the problem. After hospitalization, blood sugar and blood pressure were discharged.

Over the past year, my brother began to strictly follow the doctor’s doctor’s order. It was time to take medicine and medicine. The regular examination was checked regularly. Blood pressure and blood sugar have been in a stable state. In his own words Essence

Besides, my brother, his brother also found diabetes 10 years ago, but he has never taken care of it. It should be eaten, drinking, never avoiding medicine, and no medication. He has always only been in his ear. He suddenly had problems with his body last year. As soon as he went to the hospital for examination, he found that it was diabetic nephropathy. When he arrived at the uremia, he had to be dialysis.

Professor Li Qing, director of the Department of Nephrology, Tianjin Teda Hospital, said that although his brother had deteriorated in the early stage, fortunately, he was treated with medication and the complications were relatively mild, but his brother was different. I regret it when I hear the treatment of dialysis! “

The two brothers of a maternal compatriots have diabetes, but the final result is different. In addition to the elder brother’s poor living habits, regulatory medication is the most critical point. “In fact, the situation of the two brothers can be said to be the same among many families in the same family. The true portrayal of diabetes. “Professor Li Qing said.

It turns out that diabetes has family heredity!

As mentioned above, the two brothers are currently due to the trend of diabetes complications. In fact, research has long confirmed that type 2 diabetes is a genetic disease of multiple genes. The genetic factors and poor lifestyle have caused the occurrence of diabetes. There is a family gathering phenomenon.

Li Qing said that if one of the parents suffers from type 2 diabetes, the risk of children’s disease is 40%, and if they have diabetes, the risk will increase to 70%. “Increasing risks cannot be equivalent to a certain amount of diabetes. In other words, if you carry the genetic genes of diabetes, even if you are healthy lifestyle, you may develop a disease. Even if there is no genetic gene, a bad lifestyle can cause diabetes. If you With both genetic genes and a bad lifestyle, diabetes’ can’t escape “.”

It is reported that once the blood glucose is not controlled, complications will occur in 5-10 years. The most serious and most difficult to entangle is diabetic nephropathy and diabetic retinopathy.

Therefore, after suffering from diabetes, the patient must adjust the lifestyle in time to strive for the normal indicators to return to normal. Obviously, the disease was later than my brother, but the situation was much more serious than my brother.

These people must worry about their diabetes!

In addition to active treatment, high -risk groups actively do a good job of prevention work, eat reasonably, and actively exercise can eliminate the occurrence of diabetes from the “source”. Who should pay special attention to?

In the “Guidelines for Prevention and Control of Diabetes in China”, it is clearly stated that high -risk people are:

1. Family history of diabetes

2. Those who are older than 40. It is reported that every 10 years of age, the risk of diabetes is 68%.

3, overweight, obese people.

4. Women have gestational diabetes during pregnancy, or there is a huge history of production

5. Patients with hypertension and hyperlipidemia

6. Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease

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7. Patients with polycystic ovary syndrome with weight index ≥ 30

8. Patients who used to use glucocorticoids (also known as steroids) and caused an excessive diabetes

9. Patients with severe mental illness, or patients with antidepressant drugs for a long time

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