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Health of Eden specializes in nutritional supplements, formulated and manufactured locally by Nature's Products in Eden, Utah.
• ADVANCED Immune System Support
• MAXIMUM Strength Anti-Oxidant
• UNSURPASSED Blend of Anti-Oxidants

OPC Extra™ Maximum Strength Anti-Oxidant is the most powerful Anti-Oxidant in the Nature’s Product range. This new OPC Extra™ has been formulated on the basis that most who use OPC Extra™ will also be taking IMMUNX™, but OPC Extra™ is well suited as a stand-alone Anti-Oxidant and Immune support supplement.

OPC Extra™ contains an unmatched blend of powerful antioxidants including OPC (ActiVin™ grape seed extract), Betta C™, Bilberry extract, Green Tea extract, Wolfberry extract, and Hesperidin. OPC Extra™ contains ingredients specifically aimed at helping your immune system to perform at maximum ability including the polysaccharide rich Wolfberry.

For maintenance, the recommendation is 1-2 capsules a day. This can be increased up to 6 capsules a day during times of increased stress or to provide additional antioxidant support in times of illness.

Benefits of OPC Extra™ Maximum Strength Anti-Oxidant

•   Supports a strong, well functioning cardiovascular system.
•   Supports our antioxidant defenses against free radical induced oxidative
•   It is ideal nutritional support during times of chronic illness and fatigue.
•   It is an outstanding Immune system support by promoting normal immune
    system function.
•   Helps to strengthen our natural allergy defenses.

August 26,1998

“Hi!, My Name is Haley and I'm eight years old.  Six years ago I got cancer and had my kidney removed because I was very sick.

When I was three, the cancer came back again in my lung and mum and dad stayed with me in the hospital a lot.  I've been taking OPC every day for a few years, and I don't go to the hospital much now.  Just check-ups.  I feel happy every day because I'm healthy and appreciate my family and friends.  OPC Every day keeps the doctors away.


Haley Edmunson
Wellington, New Zealand
“My husband has Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (an auto-immune liver disease).  He started taking 10 OPC Extra a day for three months, then reduced down gradually over another month to a long-term treatment of around four a day.  His symptoms and liver function tests dropped to near normal, he now takes a maintenance dose of two per day.

The need for a liver transplant (the only treatment available) has abated.  Without OPC Extra he would have had to have a liver transplant.

The liver transplant team won't believe the OPC Extra has made any difference, but they can't explain the ‘mysterious improvement’ in his condition.”

Liz Molony
Mount Maunganul, New Zealand
“I have Lymphoma Cancer and was taking Chemo tablets as advised by my doctor.  The doctor said "they weren't working as they should", suggesting a higher dose.

I stopped using the Chemo tablets and started taking six OPC Extra per day.  I am feeling great and working full time.”

Kathleen Street
Tauranga, New Zealand

Each capsule contains:
OPC (ActiVin™ grape seed extract) 250 mg
Betta C™ 100 mg
Bilberry extract 50 mg
Green Tea extract 50 mg
Hesperidin 50 mg
Wolfberry extract 50 mg

OPC (ActiVin™ grape seed extract) is the most researched OPC available. It scavenges a wide range of free radicals thus providing excellent support to our antioxidant defenses against free radical induced stress and cellular damage. As pure OPC, ActiVin™ also helps to extend the time other antioxidants such as vitamin C are held in the body. ActiVin™ is the most pure OPC available with maximum oligomeric proanthocyanadins.

Betta C™ is a special vitamin C formula that contributes to the growth and maintenance of healthy bones as well as to teeth, gums, ligaments, and blood vessels.

Bilberry extract is a concentrated source of anthocyanins, and is a powerful antioxidant especially effective at supporting good capillary health and is why it is often found in good eye-health formulas.

Green Tea extract is the richest source of EGCG a polymer antioxidant 200 times more powerful than vitamin E and as such helps to promote healthy immune response in dealing both invaders and unwanted mutated cells.

Hesperidin is the main bioflavonoid found in citrus and research confirms that it is a powerful antioxidant and is important in supporting healthy blood vessels. Hesperidin is very synergistic with vitamin C. Vitamin C (as buffered calcium ascorbate) is an antioxidant that acts as a cell bodyguard and like all antioxidants is ready to sacrifice itself to neutralize free radicals. When taken with OPC and bioflavonoids, the life of vitamin C is greatly extended. Vitamin C is also required to help make collagen, the protein of connective tissues and is a co-factor to assist fat metabolism.

Wolfberry extract is from Chinese Wolfberry and is regarded as one of the best health promoting plants on earth. While Wolfberries have many biologically active phytonutrients, it is included in OPC Extra™ because it is rich in lyceum polysaccharides, which provide outstanding immune system support. Additionally Wolfberry is a powerful antioxidant.

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