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Ordinary colds or pneumonia, can you distinguish between parents?

Just after the golden autumn in October, some parents found that their children coughed very hard at night, and were afraid that the child was suffering from pneumonia and was worried. In fact, there are still certain differences in cough caused by common colds and coughs caused by pneumonia. Parents can roughly judge whether the child’s cough is because of normal cold or pneumonia through these three aspects.

Whether the child has a fever

Ordinary colds are self -limited diseases. Generally speaking, even if it is not treated for a week, it will improve, and the duration of the fever will not be too long, about 1 to 3 days. The fever of pneumonia is more serious than the normal cold, repeated high fever, and lasting time. Of course, parents also need to be alert to pneumonia without fever symptoms, which can consider other circumstances.

Children’s breathing frequency

Children suffering from pneumonia will breathe more rapidly. If the child has a fever and the breathing is more rapid, the child may suffer from pneumonia. Calculating the number of children’s breathing times, it is best to take a while in one minute, it is often 1 minute.

However, babies of different ages have different breathing frequency. You can check the breathing frequency of children in all ages on the Internet. If you find that your child’s breathing frequency exceeds normal frequency, you need to pay special attention.

Is there any noise in the child’s breathing and lungs

Parents can just stick their ears directly on the child’s lungs when they fall asleep. If you find that your child’s lungs sound pure, no murmurs, it may probably have no infection in the lungs. If the child’s lungs have a murmur “Grunting Guru”, similar to the sound of boiling water, the child may have infection in the child’s lungs.

In fact, the symptoms of children are relatively obvious after pneumonia has, and it may occur in breathing suffering, mental deficiency, vomiting and diarrhea, and lip nails.

The above three methods can help parents determine whether their children suffer from pneumonia to a certain extent. Of course, if you find that your child is uncomfortable, it is not sure whether the child has a normal cold or pneumonia. It is recommended to take a look at the hospital. After all, the hospital’s medical equipment is more professional and the medical knowledge of doctors is more abundant.

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