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Over sixty years old, “lazy” a little longer?If you are old and want healthy and longevity, remember the “four no”

“Is it really the more lazy to live longer?” Xu Bo, 63, lying at home, sighing.

Uncle Xu’s figure was a bit fat. After retirement, he put exercise on the agenda after leisure time. He insisted on running every day. As the physical fitness became better, it was getting longer and longer.After persisting in a year after a small year, Xu Bobo often felt pain when he was walking, so she went to the physiotherapy store at the door of the house for physical therapy.

After a few times of physical therapy, he continued to run after the pain in the knee was relieved. After this run, his knee discomfort was even more serious.

Not only can the knees not squat, but also symptoms of fever and swelling, they often wake up at night because of the pain of the knee.After going to the hospital for examination, he was diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis. The doctor pulled out several effusion from his knee joint, and the symptoms were eased.

The doctor told him that he could not run blindly afterwards, and running for too long can easily induce knee arthritis. Especially after knee pain, he must suspend exercise in time and not stubborn.

This result surprised Xu Bobo, did you say that exercise is good for health?Why is there a problem with myself? Is the lazy person live longer?

1. Over 60 years old, “lazy” a little longer?

The proper “laziness” of the elderly is actually good for health, but the laziness mentioned here is not “laziness”, and it is not that the elderly should lie down all day.Instead, pay attention to maintaining a simple, comfortable, quiet and leisure rhythm in daily life. Do not pursue fast at all.

Stealing laziness is of great benefit to health, especially these three things.

1. Let the gastrointestinal “lazy”

For the elderly, the gastrointestinal function will also decline with the increase of age, so you should pay special attention to eating too fast or full.

It is recommended to keep it for more than 25 minutes per meal, and you can eat about 7 minutes.The degree of seven fullness means that they can be eaten again, but the enthusiasm for food has declined. At this time, it is necessary to stop eating in time, and it is easy to eat.

Keeping slowly chewing and eating only the habit of eating seven -point fullness can reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, which is helpful for its health.

2. “Lazy” during exercise

Exercise can bring benefits to health, but the premise of exercise is physical permission.It is not recommended to exercise blindly during daily physical discomfort, such as fatigue, fever, and infection. Instead, this will increase the discomfort of the body and further reduce the immunity.

In addition, exercise should be progressing step by step. Do not blindly select high -intensity exercise, especially for middle -aged and elderly people, blindly performing high -intensity exercise can easily cause dehydration and hydrolysis disorders. It may also induce arrhythmia and thrombosis.

It is also important. It is best not to choose the morning in the morning. The temperature in the morning is low and the body’s blood pressure is in a high state. It is prone to accidents. Do not exercise too hard!

3. “Lazy” in mentality

The phrase “anger hurts the liver” has a scientific basis. You must learn to manage your emotions in daily life.Essence

Especially for middle -aged and elderly people who suffer from chronic diseases, it is even more irritable, otherwise the risk of cardiovascular accidents will increase.

2. Stealing for laziness can health, but don’t be lazy in these 5 things

Although moderate laziness is good for health, but in these things, you must not be lazy, and follow Xiao Miao to look down.

1. Don’t bother to eat breakfast

About 30 % of the calories required for the human body come from breakfast. If you do not eat breakfast, it will easily lead to malnutrition, which will cause hypoglycemia.In addition, not eating breakfast can also cause dysfunction and immunity of thyroid gland, increasing the risk of suffering from a variety of diseases.

2. I’m too lazy to go to the toilet

Many people choose to hold on their daily urine, and they can’t help but go to the toilet until they can’t help it.

Long -term urination is very unfavorable for health, because the long -term staying in the body in the body is likely to cause bacteria to breed. These bacteria will retrograde into the kidneys, and then it will induce renal damage.Essence

3. Don’t bother to drink water

Insufficient drinking water for a long time will cause thirst and urine to become yellow, and the concentration of metabolic waste in urine will also increase.In this way, the burden on the kidney will increase, and it may also have toxic and side effects on the kidneys, and then further renal damage will occur.

4. Don’t bother to brush your teeth

Brushing your teeth can make food residues and harmful bacteria in the oral cavity cleared. Long -term without brushing will cause the fungus balance in the oral cavity to be broken. A large number of harmful bacteria will breed, and it is easy to induce dental caries, periodontal diseases, and oral ulcers.

5. Lazy physical examination

Some people in life are very resistant to the hospital, thinking that going to the hospital is a waste of money.This idea is actually very wrong. Regular medical examinations can help discover the abnormalities of the body in time, so as to achieve early treatment and early treatment.Many diseases often do not have obvious symptoms in the early days, and when they are treated until there are obvious symptoms, the condition is often very serious.

Third, people are old, want to be healthy and longevity, remember “four no”

For the elderly, if you want to improve the quality of life, healthy and longevity, you must learn to achieve the following “four no” in daily life.

Not greedy: greedy contains many levels, including greedy, greedy, sleeping, etc., which are not good for health.Maintain a healthy dietary habit everyday, so as to diverse diet, eat everything, but not eat more.Drinking is mainly to say that drinking, alcohol can cause the body to increase the risk of multiple diseases, including cancer.Sleeping can cause the risk of cardiovascular diseases to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, keep daily sleep, don’t be greedy.

No gambling: Gambling is also liked by many people, but the harm of gambling will also be real.Once a gambling may put all your savings in your life, and then cause a series of family contradictions, and even cause your wife to disperse, so that your second half of his life will live in liabilities.And gambling is an illegal act, which may make himself beacred in the notorious crime.

Not annoyed: Life is not eighty -nine. Don’t be angry when you encounter things. Learn to calm down as much as possible to solve things as much as possible. Don’t be angry if you can’t solve it.It’s easy to get angry with anger.

Not in a hurry: Some people are particularly irritable in daily temper. When they encounter something, they will be angry. In the long run, this will cause the liver to be injured and cause the risk of liver disease to rise.


After getting old, learning the right laziness is good for health.It should be noted that “laziness” is not laziness, laziness, and delicious laziness.Instead, it is simplified and intensive to avoid excessive fatigue.Lazy, too lazy, too lazy, such “laziness” can make the elderly relax and comfortable, support the years.

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