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Pre -pregnancy examination can help couples who are preparing for babies to find abnormalities, treat them in time before pregnancy, treat and avoid potential problems, debug their bodies and psychology to the best state. Specific mothers are safe during pregnancy and childbirth.

Why should I take pre -pregnancy examinations? Why should I take pre -pregnancy examination? Pre -pregnancy examination can help couples who are preparing to prepare babies to find abnormalities before pregnancy, treat them in time, and avoid potential problems. Plastic pregnancy to reduce the baby’s birth defect and ensure that expectant mothers are safe during pregnancy and childbirth.

In August 2003, in the new “Marriage Registration Regulations” promulgated by the State Council of my country, marriage inspections are no longer used as the content of mandatory execution, which means that you can choose not to do pre -marital examinations. But on the other hand, pre -marital examinations are from the perspective of eugenics and eugenics. Many of the projects are for genetic and fertility inspections. If you have not performed a wedding check, then when you are preparing for pregnancy, it is best to perform related common genetic inheritance when you are preparing for pregnancy. The screening of diseases and infectious diseases diagnosed some diseases early, and early treatment was given.

If you did not find any problems with a marriage check, it is best to have a pre -pregnancy examination before preparing for your child, because everyone’s physical condition is always changing. Hidden dangers.

When do you do pre -pregnancy examinations? From the perspective of modern medical care, it is best to arrange for pre -pregnancy examination before 3 to 6 months before pregnancy, so that when discovering abnormal or not suitable for pregnancy, it can be treated and corrected in time. If you have the conditions, you and your other half should conduct pre -pregnancy health care in qualified medical care institutions, including pre -pregnancy physique examination, pre -pregnancy health guidance, and pre -pregnancy consultation, and then plan to conceive under the guidance of a doctor.

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What is the content of pre -pregnancy examination? The general pre -pregnancy examination is one of the contents of pre -pregnancy health care. According to the “Pre -pregnancy Health Care Service Work Specification (Trial)” issued by the Ministry of Health in February 2007, the content of pre -pregnancy health services includes: health education and consultation, health status inspection, and health guidance. The health status test refers to the pre -pregnancy examination in the narrow sense, including assessing health status and pre -pregnancy medical examination.

Together with your husband, find a regular hospital or a regular specialist hospital, go to the obstetrics and gynecology department to explain the intention to the doctor, and ask them to instruct you to do a corresponding examination. In addition to the general physical examination before pregnancy, the following contents are usually included: Blood routine examination of routine urine routine gynecological B -ultrasound check ECG, chest X -ray examination virus and toxoplasma screen screening Hepatitis A and hepatitis A antibody measurement of cervical scraping slices six examinations of chromosomal detection sex hormone

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