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Painless meridian ultrasound heart movement


Ultrasonic diagram of no painway is to give patients analgesic and sedation while performing esophageal ultrasonic diagrams while giving patients. There is no discomfort during the operation and high safety.

Patients are required to maintain a calm state during the caoped ultrasonic heart dynamic diagram. Breathing and heart rate need to be stable. Generally, the accuracy is high.

Painless meridian ultrasound heart movement

Common condition

Ultrasonic graphic diagram of no painway can be checked to be separated by the aortic fidelity.


It is necessary to inhale oxygen in time, avoid force, keep the stool unobstructed. Pay attention to observing the signs of life, give enough painkillers, relieve patients with pain, and relieve anxiety.At the same time, strict control of blood pressure can be used to use B receptor blockers, and surgical treatment can be treated, such as internal blood vessel stent implantation for treatment.


Pay attention to strengthening nutrition, pay attention to the management of the respiratory tract, avoid infection after surgery, pay attention to keep warm, and avoid cold.

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