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pain!The girl’s nails were clamped by the door and said that the broken shell cannot be forcibly restored and bandaged

The 5 -year -old girl Jingjing (a pseudonym) has a nail shell and fell off by the door seam. The family membership reflected the restoration of the broken crustle and bandaged, which almost worse the wound. Fortunately, the medical treatment was treated in time. The next day, the child’s wound was dry and he healed quickly. “Be sure to be detailed in the future!” Yesterday, when recalling the incident, Jing Jing’s grandmother could not hide his blame and later fear.

According to grandma, Jingjing is particularly sticky to her mother. She has to get up early in the morning with her mother. “Mom is leaving!” On the morning of the morning, the sleeping eyes were awakened by her grandmother, and she hurried her hair, brushed her teeth, and hurried out. I did n’t know that as soon as I went out, the door was blown by the wind, and the inertia returned to the clearance of Jing Jing’s right hand. As the child screamed, I saw the right -handed little finger shell peeled off on the spot. The frightened grandmother quickly picked up the nail shell falling on the ground. After simply bandaging, the child was sent to the nearby Yangtze Shipping General Hospital, Wuhan Brain Hospital to see the emergency department.

After rapidly improving the inspection, after the possibility of fracture, Jingjing was diagnosed with the damage of the right finger soft tissue and the looseness of the nail shell. Knowing that the falling nail shell has been forcibly recovered by the family members, Yang Guoxiang, director of emergency surgery, said that when some fingers are injured, the original limbs can be saved and the finger is planted in time. However, if the nail shells like Jingjing are blindly restored, they will increase the risk of wound infection.

In order to stop bleeding as soon as possible, promote wound healing, and strictly prevent tetanus infection, Yang Guoxiang immediately organized medical staff to conduct debridement, bandaging, injection of tetanus immunoglobulin and symptomatic anti -inflammatory treatment for Jingjing. It is not advisable to prevent wounds from being wet and polluted. When changing the medicine the next day, Jing Jing’s wound has been dry. It is expected to heal itself in one week, and a new nail shell can grow in one to two months.

Yang Guoxiang reminded that once obvious trauma, excessive wounds, and bleeding of the skin, crustaceans, and joint tissues are encountered, it is best to go to the emergency surgery of nearby hospitals as soon as possible to strictly follow the symptomatic treatment of the doctor.

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