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Parasitic governance male infertility?Experts say it is not possible

Online shop sells parasites and treats male infertility

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Do you believe it? Eating a few lives can achieve the effect of treating male infertility! Recently, some netizens broke the news that they saw that there was a store selling cattle tapeworm larvae on the Internet, and the store claimed that he could treat male infertility. The reporter’s investigation found that selling live insects is indeed a matter, but the treatment effect is absolutely impossible!

According to netizens, it was found that there were actually shops on the Internet that a shop selling beef tapeworm larvae was found, and it was claimed to take the insects to achieve active male sperm, thereby achieving the effects of aphrodisiac and treating male infertility. Netizen “Good Morning Xiao Zang” said that he expressed doubts about whether this product had the treatment effect, and was worried that someone would believe in this “recipe” to hurt the body.

Subsequently, Xiaobian found a shop selling insect eggs on Taobao. Credit records showed that the shop was established on April 25, 2011, through identity certification, but there was no transaction record.

A total of 6 kinds of products are sold in the store, all of which are “diuretics”, “tapeworm eggs”, “bulls and larvae larvae”, all of which are imported as foreign imports. In the “bull larvae” and “commodity indication”, the “Men’s Low Infertility” effect is 5,000 yuan. The store introduced the tapeworm from Mexicanos (Mexico), and the supply of supply is short. If you take this baby, you need to wait for the delivery period for about 100 days. “In terms of therapeutic effect, the first introduction is” male infertility “. Men’s sperm survival rate is 70%to have fertility. By taking cattle tapeworm larvae, after March to May, smoking and drinking will be reduced in large quantities. In addition, after taking larva Like exercise. After half a year, the sperm survival rate can be increased to 60 ~ 80%.

Later, the editor joined the QQ group of the shop. The 30 netizens in the group participated in the discussion very warmly. Some netizens said that they had taken tapeworms and successfully lost weight. However, there was no discussion about the treatment of infertility. Xiaobian tried to contact the store. As of 8 o’clock last night, he did not receive a reply.

For whether the network can sell tapeworms and tapeworms as edible products, Taobao customer service staff issued a link to “Taobao banned products and information lists and corresponding illegal treatment”, and said that if beef tapeworms are legal, they can be sold.

Later, the editor said whether it was possible to report the product. The customer service staff said that the items that have been put on the shelves are “products that do not meet the rules, and Taobao will do it.”

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Parasitic treatment infertility is not possible

Experts said that it is impossible to use the means of swallowing parasites to treat male infertility! I have never heard of the sperm activity introduced by the store, so I can’t talk about infertility. In addition, swallowing bull larvae can cause the human body to suffer from parasitic diseases, and such diseases have serious damage to human intestine and digestive systems. Call for netizens not to believe this remedy, to treat diseases through normal and regular means, and beware of being fooled.

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