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Parent -child game: brave scouts

Purpose: Cultivate children’s courage to cultivate children.


Flashlight, small items.


This game is suitable for it after dark. Let’s tell the story of the reconnaissance of reconnaissance for the child, so that the child is interested in reconnaissance.

It is proposed to play the “Scout” game. Adults and children take turns to be scouts. The gameplay is: Let’s determine the small items of reconnaissance together? For example, dolls, balls, clothes, boxes, etc., and then let the scouts leave the room with the flashlight. The adults hide the investigated items in various places and hide it. Come in, the scouts turn on the flashlight and come in, find the hidden small items, and find a small item to get a reward.

When you first play, the collection of things should be easier to find, and it will gradually hides in the future to increase the difficulty of searching.


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Children are afraid of darkness. This game can eliminate children’s fear of darkness and increase the courage of children. If the child is afraid of darkness, you can make the room a dim light, or adults accompany the child to find it to help the child adapt to the darkness. When the child is a bit adapted, the lights will be revoked and the adults will be accompanied. Finding items with the light of flashlight can not only exercise guts, but also develop children’s ability to have a machine sensitivity.

If you play this game during the day, you can pull the curtains and make the room dark.

(Editor in charge: Zhao Yuanyuan Intern editor: Li Lingfeng)

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