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Parenting tips for your baby to choose toys for your baby

Choose toys for your baby is still simple

Almost every child grew up with toys. Today’s “electronic generation” can find what kind of toys can be found under the rise of the rise of audiovisual toys? Reporters invite relevant early childhood education experts to support them. Experts believe that suitable toys can make children promote the development of the brain while the game, and get fun and growth. Overall, children’s toys should be simple or high.

Puzzle toys are the first choice. Parents can interact with their children to tell stories, read pictures, listen to children’s songs, etc., which not only enhances parent -child feelings, but also develops children’s intelligence.

Handy toys are indispensable. The physical and mental characteristics of young children determine their simple toys that like repetitiveness. Simple toys are constantly refurbished, and children will play with each other. Such as Rubik’s Cube, Puzzle, Qiqiao Board, etc., the changes are endless, and it is good for the flexibility of training the child’s fingers.

There are also experts who recommend social toys. These are mainly toys designed with daily life, allowing children to experience life, understand the environment around them, and absorb related life experience. For example, small kitchen tools can allow children to “hold chefs” together and enjoy cooperation; parents can also use some daily life supplies as props to form a “super market” and play various role -playing games.

Preschool experts also suggested that parents should be good at starting their brains and developing a variety of functions of toys. If you can use a puzzle to exercise your child’s hands -on ability, you can also encourage children to compile stories based on the completed pattern content and carry out diversified development. Interested parents may wish to try homemade toys, such as using ordinary paper, hanging calendar paper, etc. to make puzzles, paper planes, etc. When the children are larger, they can also bring their children to make the fun of making toys.



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