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Parenting treasure box: How to help your baby wash your face

When taking a bath, it is a good time to help the baby clean the facial features and small faces.However, in addition to taking a bath, if the baby’s small face is dirty or sweaty, he also needs to wipe him in a timely manner, so as to keep the baby a cute and clean appearance.When bathing, you should start with your eyes cleaning and then clean other parts.

First look at the demonstration video:


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Baby’s face

The baby’s face is smooth and delicate, but because of the skin that is thinner and the development is not yet mature, occasionally there will still be problems such as small rashes or dryness.For these phenomena, Dr. Pei Rensheng said that he does not need to worry too much, because the newborn’s face can often see small and white millet rashes, usually no special treatment, and will disappear after a few weeks.

* A pot of clean warm water.

* One or two clean gauze or small towels.

* A box of cotton sticks.

Observation focus: skin abnormalities

If you find that the baby’s face has abnormal skin problems, you must not deal with it by yourself. You should ask the doctor’s opinion to confirm whether the treatment is needed, or to keep the face clean according to the doctor’s advice, and use the lotion in a timely manner to take care of the baby’s face to take care of the baby’s face.skin.


Wipe your baby’s small face, eyebrows, including neck and other parts with twisted gauze towels (or towels). If your baby’s skin is dry, you can apply some refreshing skin care lotion after washing your face or bathing.

Baby’s mouth

Babies have not grown teeth when they are born (only a few presidents of new teeth), but even if there is no teeth, they need to pay attention to the cleaning of the baby’s mouth from the beginning, especially the baby will use milk as a staple food all day.Oral cleaning may have bad breath or dental caries.In addition, when the baby’s physical resistance is weak, goose can also appear.Observation focus: goose sores, blisters or ulcers


If goose sores occur, the mother will find that there is a piece of white, like milk dregs inside the baby’s mouth, and it is not easy to wipe it.As long as a professional physician is asked to check in detail and wipe the dedicated drugs given by the doctor, he will recover health after a period of time.

Blisters or ulcers

Please pay attention to whether there is a blisters or ulcer inside the baby’s mouth. It may be caused by the infected disease (such as the infection of enterovirus). It is best to seek medical examination immediately.


After the baby usually drinks milk, it is best to develop the habit of drinking a few mouthfuls of water, which can remove the milk in the mouth.In addition, you can help your baby once or twice a day for oral cleaning care. The mother wraps the gauze towel with the index finger, dipped in wet warm water, then puts it in the baby’s mouth, wipes the inside of the cavity and the tongue, or allows the baby to suck the gauze towel.It can also help clean the mouth.Please note that the baby’s mouth should not be too long, and the mother’s index finger should not be too deep, so as not to feel uncomfortable or cause vomiting.

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