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Parenting treasure box: to protect the baby’s teeth from the deciduous teeth

The deciduous teeth play a very important role in the growth of children. Not only should they be responsible for chewing food to obtain nutrition, but also induce permanent teeth to germinate and promote jawbone development, but also affect pronunciation and beauty.

First look at the demonstration video: Brush your baby correctly


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Children’s dental experts said that the baby began to grow the first deciduous teeth for about six months, and the order of the germination of deciduous teeth is mainly from the front to the back, but the long time of the turtle teeth is sometimes slower than the back tooth.From two to two and a half years, most of them can grow when they are two and a half years old.

TIPS: baby’s deciduous teeth growth order

The deciduous teeth are symmetrical in principle, and the order of germination of the upper and lower teeth is roughly as follows:

The lower row of the middle incisor → the lower side of the side of the side → the lower dog tooth → the lower row of the niece → the lower row of the second largest molar

The upper and middle tooth → the front side of the upper side → the top of the upper row → the upper canine teeth → the second largest molar

If the deciduous teeth are not healthy, it will have a great negative impact on the permanent teeth. Director Zhang Yushan emphasized that when the baby grows up, there must be a beautiful and neat teeth.The location is similar. If the deciduous teeth are not satisfactory, the bacteria can easily attack the root of the teeth, causing the permanent teeth to be infected. The larger permanent teeth may have a difference in shape and color, and even if it grows, it will fall off.

In addition, if the deciduous teeth fall off early due to the fall, the deciduous teeth on both sides are easily dumped, which makes the space of the permanent teeth be squeezed and the arrangement will be uniform.

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