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Parents can start from 3 aspects in autumn.

Recently, Ms. Zhang’s 2 -year -old daughter Tongtong was sick these days, and she spit and tossed enough. At first she thought that the child had a cold, so she took Tongtong’s cold medicine and antidiarrheal medicine. Who knew that the symptoms didn’t see it. Tongtong had a fever in the past two days, scaring her to take the child to the hospital for treatment. After testing blood and stools, doctors were diagnosed with viral gastroenteritis.

小儿肠胃炎,预防小儿肠胃炎,如何预防小儿肠胃炎,秋季,秋季小儿肠胃炎频发 家长可从3方面入手进行预防

Parents can start from 3 aspects in autumn.

The weather in Chongqing gradually became cool, and the coolness of autumn can be felt in the morning and night. Since the beginning of this week, the number of children who have visited diarrhea and vomiting in various hospitals in Chongqing have increased a lot. So, how to prevent gastroenteritis in children?

1. Drink clean water

Good unintentional drinking water supply and good sanitary equipment can reduce the proportion of gastroenteritis infection.

2. Washing your hands frequently, pay attention to personal hygiene

Studies have found that in both developed countries and developing countries, some methods (such as washing hands) can at least reduce the incidence or prevalence of gastroenteritis by 30%. Therefore, parents should cultivate children’s health concepts from an early age and develop the habit of washing their hands.

3. Avoid food and water pollution

Parents must pay attention to the disinfection and cleaning of the tableware used by children.

And you should pay attention to these diets. For example, any dairy products and processed fish -like foods should not be eaten if it is placed at room temperature for too long; do not eat foods that are suspected of unsally hygienic. Especially for unlicensed restaurants, improper treatment of seafood and fish sushi; when traveling in other places, you should pay more attention, because the domestic type of bacteria is different, the intestinal resistance capacity will be lower; and the refrigerated cooked meat should be fully cooked and cooked. Just eat and so on. ( sorted)

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