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Parents pay attention to the correct feeding of newborn babies

1. Pay attention to colostrum milk

Mom’s colostrum is rich in protein and vitamins, and contains antibodies that are used to resist infection. Chumen milk also has a diarrhea effect, which is conducive to the first fetus of the newborn baby. Some mothers think that the first milk is not clean and give up feeding the baby. This is a pity.

2. Learn to give the freshman newspaper breastfeeding

Many mothers are hesitant to breastfeed if they are limited. But mothers must make appropriate choices based on their own, new babies and other family members. Because the newborn baby may be breastfeed every two or three hours. This is because most newborn babies can only drink 90-120 ml every time they feed them, some even less. Moreover, newborn has a lot of breast milk at night. When the newborn baby eats more during the day, the number of feasters at night will decrease. But in general, the number of newborns will gradually reduce the number of breasts at night after one month.

At the same time, if the newborn baby is born with a light weight, he needs to increase his weight by increasing the number of night feeding and time. Don’t worry about the weight loss within 3-5 days after birth. During this period, almost all newborn babies weigh 220-340 grams, which is normal.

According to the standard, the heat standard required for newborn babies is 110 burnt per kilogram of weight. Standard formula milk powder and breast milk contain about 670 burnt per liter.

In the first breastfeeding, mothers usually sat on the bed, supported the back with a few pillows, and held the baby in their arms with one hand, so that his head was higher than other parts of the body. Before breastfeeding, the mother must wipe the breasts and hands with a hot towel, and then clamp the breast with one hand and gently stuff it into the baby’s mouth -not only the nipple, but the areola under the nipple (that is, the black circle around the nipple). Enter the baby’s little mouth. Mom will see that the baby’s cheeks are very large, the whole mouth is filled with breasts, the cheeks muscles are working hard, and the two small ears are also moving. Don’t worry about the baby who won’t eat. In order to eat food, he is born with instinct to find nipples. Within 10 days of birth, before feeding, as long as the mother closes her baby’s cheek to her body, the newborn baby will instinctively turn to the mother’s breasts to find the nipple. When some mothers are feeding, the baby’s sucking will cause another breast to exudes milk. At this time, you can use a milk pad or milk cover to the nipple and catch the milk. As long as the breast milk is sufficient, the baby can decide the number and time of breastfeeding themselves. If the baby sleeps positively, the time to feed, it is not good to wake him up to make him breastfeeding.

Third, breastfeeding time

The number of feeding times is different for each baby. It is usually fed 5 times during the day and every 2-3 hours. Starting with breast milk for the baby, the first day of the breast is fed for 5 minutes on the first side. It will be fed for 10 minutes on each side the next day. The more your baby eats, the more milk produces the breasts. Mom can use both sides of breasts to replace feeding, until about 15 days of milk secretion.

Fourth, what to do if breast milk is insufficient

If breast milk is insufficient, feed the baby to feed milk. In the breastfeeding, some mothers let the baby eat some milk after eating breast milk, thinking that this can make the baby “eat”. In fact, it is not appropriate to feed milk like this. This replenishment will make the breast milk insufficient, and the secretion of milk juice will become less and less. At the same time, the baby will not be positive for breast milk.

The correct method is to feed the breasts once, and then feed all the milk in the next meal. If breast milk is not enough, it doesn’t matter if you don’t eat it completely this time. You can feed more milk next time. If the amount of breastfeeding is too small, and the breastfeeding and milk are not good, the mother can breastfeed in the morning and night, and the milk will be fed for the rest of the time. This is practical.

5. Pay attention to baby feeding artificially

Artificial feeding mainly refers to babies within 6 months for various reasons. When mothers cannot feed themselves for various reasons, they use other animal milk or dairy to replace breastfeeding baby feeding methods.

Artificial feeding inevitably involves a series of issues such as the choice of milk, milk powder deployment, breastfeeding, and time interval. Ask a health doctor or read the formula of the formula.

Generally speaking, baby formula milk powder is the best choice. Because milk is rich in nutrition and the ingredients are close to human milk, it is also ideal among various generations of dairy products. Secondly, in the sheep area, sheep milk supply is sufficient, and fresh goat milk can also be used to feed. The nutritional value of goat milk is similar to milk. Among them, the content of milky protein is higher than milk, and the size of fat particles is close to human milk. However, vitamin B12, folic acid and iron content are lower than human milk and milk. Long -term consumption can lead to babies anemia. Therefore, it should be paid to adding auxiliary foods in time to supplement the lack of nutrition. In areas without milk and goat milk, horse milk and donkey milk can also be used to feed the baby.

In addition, all kinds of raw materials such as soybean flour, rice flour, wheat flour, sugar, oil, bone meal, egg yolk and other raw materials are basically suitable for the growth and development of the baby’s growth and development according to a certain proportion. In the case of milk and milk powder, it can also be used to feed the baby. The ratio of milk powder powder is the same as milk powder. The nutritional ingredients are similar to milk. The difference is that plant protein instead of animal protein.

Six -use bottle feed the baby to breastfeed

Feed milk for the baby, the hole of the pacifier is very important. The Kong is too large, which will make the milk rush and hold the baby; the Kong is too small, the baby will be very strenuous to suck. Mom can stand upside down, and it is advisable to drop a drop per second. Before breastfeeding, you must try the temperature of the milk. Mom drops two drops on his wrist, and the slightly warm is the best.

When breastfeeding, the bottle should be tilted to make the pacifier filled with milk, so as not to inhale the air. If the pacifier is pouted, the mother can rotate the bottle in the baby’s mouth, or loosen the bottle cap to let the air go in. Be careful not to block the baby’s nose, so as not to affect his breathing.

7. Pay attention to the baby’s formula milk

Milk is rich in nutrition. In the case of lack of breast milk, it is the best dairy product and should be the first choice. However, due to the many cases contained in milk, the blocks formed in the stomach are large, and it is difficult to digest and absorb. At the same time, its lactose content is small and is vulnerable to bacterial pollution. Therefore, it is necessary to overcome these shortcomings when taking it.

Feed the milk of a newborn baby, you can dilute at a ratio of 3: 1 or 4: 1, that is, 3 milk plus 1 part of water, or 4 parts of milk plus 1 part of water. After the full moon, if the baby’s stool is normal, you can add a small amount of water to the milk. It is best to use rice soup when dilution, because rice soup can make the cubes of milk in the stomach smaller, which is conducive to digestion, and the rice soup itself is also nutritious.

The method is 5 grams of sugar per 100 ml of milk.

The time for milk boiling and disinfection is 2-3 minutes, the boiling time is too long, the protein is prone to degeneration, and the vitamin destruction rate increases. In order to reduce the loss of nutrients in milk to the minimum, it is currently advocating that the heating disinfection method is used, that is, heating the milk to about 75 ° C (small vibration of milk), and keep it for 20 seconds. If the baby’s digestion is not good, the heating time can be extended appropriately.

8. Be careful to choose a pacifier for your baby

Most parenting experts frowned as soon as they heard the pacifier. They claimed that the baby had to suck their thumbs to satisfy their desire to suck. In fact, no matter how much baby sucks his thumb, you can’t make them feel satisfied. In fact, if the baby wants to satisfy his desire from sucking his thumb, he has to suck in about three consecutive months.

If you use it properly, the pacifier is actually very useful, especially for those babies who like to suck very much. But don’t let your baby drop the pacifier on his bed or suck until he falls asleep. The purpose of the pacifier is only used to soothe him, or he can calm down before going to bed; Let your baby sleep with a pacifier will cause bad sleep habits. He may wake up several times a night, and he wants to sleep with a pacifier again each time. As long as you take the pacifier out of his mouth before he falls asleep, you can avoid this.

There are two kinds of pacifiers on the market, one is round, and the other flat pacifier is also called corrected pacifiers. Some experts claim that corrected pacifiers are more suitable for babies, but the problem is that many babies can’t suck for a long time. Regardless of which kind of pacifier is the baby, don’t forget to buy a few more to replace it often. The cleaning of the pacifier is very important, and you should clean and disinfection every time you use it.

Nine, what to do if the baby vomit milk

Some babies often vomit milk after half a month, especially boys. For ordinary vomiting, mothers can stand upright, pat your back gently, and let him spit out the air he eats. However, for some babies, the use of this method is simply not spiritual. Mom should pay attention to observation. It doesn’t matter if the baby is not painful before and after vomiting. The healthy baby’s gastric motility is strong, so it is easy to vomit. It is the worst within 1-2 months after birth, and there is no special treatment. No matter what, as the baby’s monthly age increases, it will improve naturally.

Regardless of breastfeeding or artificial feeding, babies will often vomit. Moms can reduce the amount of breastfeeding each time and increase the number of breastfeeding. To prevent dehydration, you can feed some sugar water and juice. If the baby fell asleep after eating milk, the mother must stay next to it. Once two or thirty minutes, the baby vomit milk can be processed in time to prevent the baby from entering the trachea and cause the baby to suffocate. Some vomiting babies showed very uncomfortable, crying more than crying. At this time, you must consider whether there are intestinal cases or other diseases, and go to the doctor in time. Of course, this situation is rare.

Ten, be careful to handle the baby’s hiccup

Because newborn babies are easy to swallow the air when sucking and crying, they should help the newborn babies to discharge the air in time. When feeding, babies drinking milk powder are easier to swallow air than babies feeding. If the baby swallows a lot of air, he will feel that the stomach is full, and he will stop drinking milk. At this time, the air is released by snoring, and there will be more places in the stomach. Generally speaking, when the newborn baby drinks 30-60 ml of milk, or when breastfeeding is changed from one side to the other, you need to snoring it once. If the baby cries and swallow the air before eating milk, he should help him snoring before drinking milk.

There are three postures to help the newborn baby snoring:

1. Holding the newborn, let him stick his parents’ chest, and rub his back gently.

2. Let the newborn sit on the parents’ thighs, support the chin of the newborn baby with a stronger hand, and gently rub his back with the other hand.

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If the baby is unwilling to snoring, let him lie down for a few more minutes, and then try it again.This can make the bubble rise, and then snoring smoothly.Sometimes, if the baby does not swallow the air, don’t force him to snoring, especially the newborn baby feeding.Stimulate the baby’s snoring movement for too long. If the baby is not easy to snoring, don’t worry. After a few weeks, the parents will understand the habit of the newborn and very skilled.

(Intern editor: Li Xuanying)

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