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Passing in the picture book

The son’s composition won the second prize of the National Elementary Student Composition Competition. He took the certificate with a nourishment and let me see it. It was quite proud, and I couldn’t help it: said, “Baby, what gifts for, mother bought it. Oh, my mother is so good, of course, I want to draw a book!

Since he would talk about him, I started buying picture books for him. Half an hour before going to bed every day is the happy time for our mother and child to meet with pictures. “Snow White” and “God Pen Ma Liang” are the favorite pictures of my son. Because I read it repeatedly, almost a word can be told, and every night, I ask these two stories. Bad. Sometimes, I was sleepy, so I talked about it and talked about it, so that he had to sleep early, but he knew it, the little guy always interrupted me: Mom, no, you miss one word. Mom, this sentence is not like this … I am shocked by children with such good memory and that kind of true spirit. I thought, I didn’t dare to be lazy anymore, that was to live up to a innocent heart.

After the son goes to school, he has to write a lot of homework every day, and the little guy is sometimes playful and unwilling to write. But I just say, write it quickly, I have to read the picture book tonight. He immediately returned to the table and wrote it carefully. This trick is very spiritual, and his homework writes fast and good. After washing, we went to bed, and we all leaned on the bedside with our most relaxed and comfortable posture. I read it affectionately that my son was not as real as an hour, but he still heard it. This is how the child’s mind is mature and rich through a book, and I have gained a lot of happiness with the child.

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“Guess how I love you” is a picture book that I like with my son. This is a story about the love of rabbit mother and bunny. Sometimes I ask, baby, guess how much I love you? The son learned the bunny in the book, opened his arms, and said, so much, so much.

My heart was moved instantly. The experience of love is passed in the picture book.

(Intern editor: Lei Yuxuan)

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