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Pastening to improve the baby’s painting ability

The leaves are in various forms, similar to the shapes of many objects. They are used to draw various objects with leaves. They are both economical and affordable, but also improve their children’s painting ability. The brain and hands -on ability have greatly promoted.

How do adults teach children to use leaves?

1. When adults take their children out of the outing on holidays or walk on the street, collect various leaves that have just fallen off with their children to bring home, clamped in the book and flattened. It is best to use sycamore leaves, maple leaves, pimple leaves, winter leaves, and elm leaves, etc. The leaves must be complete.

2. After the child determines the production content, adults must first guide the child to choose the leaves.

The shape of the content is roughly similar to which leaves, and the leaves are selected. If you can let your child choose the head shape of the kittens as a kitten. The specific method is to cut the middle triangle and petiole of the sycamore leaves, and the remaining part is used to make the cat’s head shape. Above the leaves, cut two smaller eyes as the eyeballs, then cut the cat’s nose and mouth, cut the remaining leaves into a beard and stick to the kitten’s mouth, respectively. Essence

3. When children are pasted, adults should pay attention to cultivating children’s good hygiene habits and good habits to use scissors safely.

After the leaf stickers are completed, we must press the heavier and flat objects to press the leaves and let it dry slowly. Do not put it in the sun to prevent curls and destroy the picture.

4. When instructing children to perform leaf stickers, they should respect the child’s imagination and creativity.

How to teach children to make cloth stickers?

1. Adults help children determine a theme, draw a good pattern with paper, and find a hard paper version.

2. Select the corresponding fabric according to the content reflected by the theme.

For example, the cloth stickers of summer content should be selected with thin texture, so as to display the characteristics of summer; making small animals requires thick texture fabrics, such as woolen materials. And to guide children to pay attention to the color that conforms to the image characteristics in the painting. For example, the trunk can be blue or brown, and the texture is best to be straight.

3. Cut off the image drawn in advance, dip it in the paste on the front, stick it to the opposite side of the cloth, and cut it with the outline of the image along the outline of the image and stick it to the bottom plate. Cut out small parts with other pigments, and it is also posted.

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4. If you need it, you can draw other parts with color pens.

It should be noted that the color should be properly matched when making cloth stickers. If the child is not strong. You can teach children to collagenize according to the original color of the actual object; if the child has a strong color concept, he can make him freely match. It should also be noted that the layout must be reasonable, and the method can refer to the layout method of painting. Most importantly, pay attention to safety when clipping, and do not let the scissors break.

(Intern editor: Lei Yuxuan)

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