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Patients with cardiovascular disease in winter significantly increased the principle of prevention of myocardial infarction. 4 Principles

Winter is quietly coming, and it is the season when patients with cardiovascular disease are tested. Experts say that patients with cardiovascular patients increase significantly. Patients should let the heart “safely pass the winter”. In addition to regulating blood pressure and paying attention to warmth, the “cats” people should pay special attention to holding their mouths and less stoves.

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25 -year -old “cats eat cats” sudden myocardial infarction

The 25 -year -old Mr. Li recently went to the hospital for acute myocardial infarction. Du Zuoyi said that Mr. Li is a chef and loves food. He is about one meter and seven, with a weight of more than 90 kilograms. He usually likes to eat high -fat food, body obesity, less exercise, and cold weather, which leads to acute myocardial session.

“There are a dozen of these young patients every year, and cardiovascular diseases are no longer the ‘patent’ for the elderly.” Experts point out that cardiovascular diseases have developed at a low age, and patients around 40 are gradually increasing. Experts remind that there is a phenomenon of continuous chest tightness, dizziness, asthma, etc., don’t take it lightly, and go to the doctor as soon as possible, because this may be a precursor to cardiovascular disease. Patients with hypertension may not feel at all in the early stage, but some people only show that they are dizzy and their energy is not enough. Most people mistakenly think that this phenomenon appears “insufficient rest”, which is actually caused by hypertension. Patients with coronary heart disease may obviously feel the sweltering of the chest during the activity. When they go up the stairs or exercise, they are not angry, making the activity restricted and dare not exercise. Some people do not care, and some people mistakenly think that it is the problem of the stomach.

Four principles in memory in winter

Experts have proposed that patients with cardiovascular patients should take winter prevention measures, mainly starting from the aspects of changing lifestyle, controlling blood pressure, and reasonable medication, and keep in mind the four principles:

The first is to control blood pressure. Because patients with hypertension in winter are higher than the blood pressure in spring and summer, in the cold winter, patients with cardiovascular disease must regularly monitor the changes in blood pressure, and regularly return to the consultation. In addition, patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease have some risks of stroke and myocardial infarction. Under the guidance of doctors, they can use aspirin to prevent seizures.

The second is to keep warm. In winter, indoor and outdoor temperature differences are large, so patients with cardiovascular disease must pay special attention to keep warm. Especially for elderly people with reduced physiological motors and weakened disease resistance, diseases are more likely to attack or recur.

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The third is the light diet. Many people like to eat hot pot in winter, and Guangzhou people also love soup. They do not know that hot pot is a high -fat high -salt diet, and the old fire soup is also a high -fat diet. Du Zuoyi reminded that patients with cardiovascular disease should avoid high fat, high salt, high cholesterol foods and too many tonic, and should choose light and less salt foods, eat more fruits to avoid overcoming.

Fourth, it is not appropriate to exercise in the morning. Patients with cardiovascular disease should be carried out in the winter exercise at a higher temperature period, such as noon or afternoon. Try to avoid morning exercises. Patients should arrange exercise time reasonably, control the amount of exercise, and avoid strong sports, such as mountain climbing and fast running.

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