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Patients with chronic bronchitis need to receive standardized treatment

Experts interviewed: Xu Jianhua, Director of the Department of Respiratory Department of the People’s Hospital of Hechuan District, Chongqing

Xu Jianhua, director and chief physician of the Health Department of the People’s Hospital of Hechuan District, Chongqing. Member of the Chongqing Municipal Respiratory Committee, a member of the Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, a member of the Chongqing Tuberculosis Special Committee, a member of the Chongqing Municipal Respiratory Critical Critical Critical Critical Cause, member of the Chongqing Smillery Alliance, and the deputy chairman of the Hechuan District Medical Association Specialty Committee , Deputy Leader of the Public Health Expert Group of Hechuan District, an expert appraisal expert in Hechuan District, and a member of the expert group of the Hechuan District People’s Hospital. For respiratory infectious diseases, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, pulmonary heart disease, chronic respiratory failure, pulmonary cerebral diseases, acid -base balance disorders, pulmonary heart disease and heart failure, etc., as well as acute lung injury, ARDS, and severe asthma. at 16:28 on July 15th (Reporter Jiang Yongjin) Recently, as the weather gradually became hot, many patients with chronic bronchitis were guided by the concept of “winter disease and summer”, and treatment methods were seek through various methods. As a common occurrence in winter and spring, is chronic bronchitis treated in summer, is it more effective? What do people have misunderstandings about it? How should elderly patients be self -regulating? To this end, the reporter interviewed Xu Jianhua, chief physician of the Department of Respiratory Department of the People’s Hospital of Hechuan District.

“Winter disease and summer treatment” focusing on preventive patients should maintain long -term prevention concepts

Nowadays, it is Sanfu Tian. For some common diseases in winter, such as bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, etc., some patients seek the “winter disease and summer treatment” method, hoping that the disease can be relieved in winter. In this regard, Director Xu said that the concept of “winter disease and summer treatment” is actually aimed at preventing chronic diseases, focusing on prevention. The prevention of any disease needs to be carried out at any time, not just in summer.

What else do patients with chronic bronchitis have a misunderstanding of their own diseases? Director Xu told reporters that the chronic bronchitis believes that the people believe that chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary swelling, bronchial asthma and other chronic cough diseases are included. Cough, sputum, and asthma are their main symptoms; according to their types, the stage of the development of the disease, and whether there are complications in the clinic, their treatment is not static. Chronic bronchitis is a chronic disease that is controllable, preventable, and cannot be cured.

“For the treatment of chronic bronchies, due to different individual differences, the treatment method will also be adjusted accordingly, such as anti -allergic therapy, small dose of hormone treatment, and the application of bronchial relaxants. According to the director, from October to April of the following year, chronic bronchial diseases are high. Patients should hold the correct concept of prevention and treatment, maintain good living habits, stay away from allergens, create a better living environment, and maintain communication with doctors. Pay attention to health education.

Chronic bronchitis is not treated in time to induce serious consequences

“Many patients have been delayed for a long time before they come to the doctor, and they also have other complications.” Director Xu said that most of the chronic bronchitis was hidden. The initial symptoms were not special except for light cough. Notice. Some patients had acute upper respiratory tract infections such as acute pharyngitis, colds, acute bronchitis and other medical history before the onset of onset. At first, they were mostly on the cold season. The symptoms continued in the future. Essence Because patients with chronic bronchitis are generally not high in their diseases, they often go into the treatment misunderstanding and miss early diagnosis and standardized treatment.

So, what harm does chronic bronchitis do not treat in time? Director Xu introduced that the existence of chronic bronchitis is that there is a chronic inflammation in the body. This chronic lesion often exists in the body, becoming a long -term hidden danger that causes a variety of diseases. Each seizure increases by 10 %, making the condition that is delayed and can even be accompanied by life. The treatment of chronic bronchitis is not standardized in time, which will seriously reduce the patient’s lung function, formation of emphysema for the formation over time, and will also be accompanied by various severe complications, such as pneumothorax, lung heart disease, respiratory failure, etc. to endanger life.

Director Xu said: “When chronic bronchitis fails to control and cause various complications, patients will have breath and dyspnea when they speak, dress, wash their faces, and even breathe. , Respiratory failure, etc., has an impact on patients’ health and life. “

Chronic bronchitis is a common treatment of common diseases for the elderly

Chronic bronchitis is a common disease of the elderly, and the prevalence increases with age. Its complications are chronic obstructive pulmonary emphysema and chronic pulmonary heart disease. More than 90%of China’s pulmonary heart disease is secondary to chronic bronchitis. Therefore, patients with chronic bronchitis cannot be taken lightly and should be actively controlled.

“Usually, it is necessary to be treated in the ease period, do breathing exercises, maintain a peaceful mindset, and pay attention to adjustment of the laws of life. For example, patients with good conditions can be used under the guidance of a doctor, go to the summer in the summer, go to the sun in the winter, go to the sun in the winter, and the sun is sufficient in winter. Local help is greatly helpful for the control of the condition. “Director Xu said that in terms of diet, patients with chronic bronchitis need high protein, high -calorie, and high -vitamin diet. It is necessary to intake and reasonable amino acids, and avoid picking partial eaters. Diet should be light, try to eat less spicy, greasy, and some foods that are susceptible to allergies, such as fish, shrimp, crabs, etc.

How to care for acute attacks?Director Xu said that during the acute attack, patients should rest in bed, absorb oxygen if necessary, and measure the body temperature when there are fever; those with many sputums can perform position drainage;Catalogs and infections occur.Tips: Position Digestion Method

1. Arrange patients at a high position at a certain position, the drainage bronchial opening is down) to shoot its back, or instruction to take deep breath, cough, and sputum.

2. Do it during an empty stomach, 2-3 times a day, 10-15 minutes each time. The drainage volume is about 30 ml per day. After the phlegm is excreted, the warm water rinse is given.

3. Those with poor sputum and phlegm sticky can be given inhalation first to dilute sputum.

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4. Patients with high age, weakness, and difficulty in breathing, and patients with hypertension and heart failure should not be drained.

5. The best way to encounter an acute attack is to go to the specialist at the specialist in time.

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