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Patients with condyloma acuminatum are good or bad in the treatment of patients in the treatment.

Patients with condyloma acuminatum are generally normal in treatment, and the beard is generally not related to the treatment of medication.

The beard grows rapidly and has a certain relationship with the high level of human androgen.Because the secretion of male hormones can promote hair growth.The hair follicles on the beard are more metabolized and are more sensitive to therogens, so the growth rate of beard is usually faster than the hair.Adolescents are high in the level of male hormones, the metabolism in the body is strong, and the growth rate of beards will accelerate.Condyloma acuminatum is a virus that grows in a humid place. It is also accompanied by diseases such as foreskinitis and vaginitis, which can cause the growth of condyloma acuminatum.The growth rate of condyloma acuminatum is related to the specific situation of the warts. If it occurs in the inside of the foreskin and the coronary groove is accompanied by foreskinitis, it will grow quickly.The clinical manifestations of condyloma acuminatum include itching, burning pain, redness, erosion, and necrosis.Patients can use the doctor’s advice to use 0.5%ghost acetoxin, 5%mimo Matt milk cream and other drugs. If necessary, high -frequency electric knife, shear surgery and scraping warts can be performed.

In daily life, patients should keep the external genitals clean and dry, prohibit sexual life, and wear cotton -breathable clothing.

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