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Patients with non -sperm do not mean no hope of fertility

In China, the word “descendants” means that the generations of the descendants, the inheritance of the blood of the blood, and the great surname of the clan of the surname … The ancients said: “There is no filial piety, there is no afterwards.” Because of this, for Chinese men, the pain and helplessness behind the two words “no” are unimaginable by men in other countries.

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In the past, men with non -spermatozoa could only rely on adopting children to solve the problem of “no”; but now, through the treatment of sperm reconstruction or test tube baby, such unfortunate patients can often smoothly smoothly smoothly. Have your own baby.

Patients with no sperm also have a hope of fertility

“Doctor, don’t save me anymore, I will jump down from the top of this building!”

At the side of Shen Changli, deputy chief physician of the reproductive center of Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, he has performed such an amazing scene. A middle -aged woman cried with tears, making the people present feel sad.

It turned out that Mr. Wang and his wife had been unable to conceive their children for 8 years. They had been seeking medical treatment everywhere, and spent a lot of money, but they could not succeed in pregnancy. “We have used any methods, remedies, natives, and many doctors have prescribed a lot of medicine, but it doesn’t work. I really don’t want to live like this!” As soon as Mrs. Wang thought of the pressure that society and family brought her to her It was frustrated, and the marriage was at stake. She held the last trace of hoping to pull her husband to the reproductive center.

“Don’t be anxious. Infertility is not necessarily your woman. When you come here, both the couple must be checked to determine who is on who is the cause. Giving birth. “Shen Changli comforted Mrs. Wang, who was crying, and began to check for their couple.

Finally, the results of the inspection came out. Mrs. Wang’s physical condition is still good. Although the age of 35 years old, the quality of the eggs is still good; after semen analysis examination, I found that there is no sperm in Mr. Wang’s semen. However, he couldn’t touch the two vasters. Finally, he was diagnosed with B -ultrasound and other imaging.

Shen Changli told Mr. Wang that the male infertility was first diagnosed and the treatment effect was ideal according to the cause. Diseases of this kind of disease, whether you go to a small clinic to take a lot of medicine or find a remedy earthwork, are futile. You must use surgery to relieve the precision obstruction or surgical puncture epididymis. Only to realize the dream of fertility.

After treatment, Mrs. Wang had a pair of twins, and they were finally lucky to have the children they dreamed of.

Sperm blocked in the body

Wastely, as the name suggests, is a number of sperm in men’s semen. No sperm can be found. Anti -sperm is divided into obstruction and non -obstruction.

Obstructizational azoospermia refers to the testicular sperm, but the transmitted path, such as epididymia, vasters, ejaculation pipes, etc., cause obstruction, so that normal sperm obstruction is obstructed in the testicles, an epididymis or vasal pipe cannot Shoot in vitro.

Shen Changli introduced that there are many causes of obstructive sperm. Secondly, sperm -non -sperm disease caused by the occurrence of inflammatory lesions, tumors, trauma and other lesions. Such patients did not have sperm before the above disease, and then gradually reduced sperm to sperm at all.

Non -obstructive azoospermia belongs to testicular spermatogenic dysfunction. Due to congenital gonad development, chromosomal lesions or unknown causes cause sperm stagnation, such as dysplasia of testicular, bilateral testicular atrophy, etc. %, Accounting for 10%of male infertility. For this part, there is no particularly good treatment for this part, because most patients are difficult to create normal sperm in their bodies. The main method of treatment is to use the sperm library to help artificial childbirth or adopt children. At present, new studies have found that among these patients, the method of taking sperm by testicular micro -sperm found that the patient’s testicular may have the possibility of fertility as long as the sperm test tube babies can be found. There are reports of successful cases abroad.

“Ultimate Examination”: testicular biopsy

After determining the patient as no seizure, after understanding the history of the medical history, the use of 6 sperm biochemical, sex hormone, inhibitory B, chromosomal and other endocrine examinations, chromosomal examination and B -ultrasound examination are basically obstruction, non -obstructive sperm -free formulation formulation formulation Fertility plan.

Shen Changli believes that only by finding the most basic root of the disease can the most targeted treatment be truly targeted. Therefore, patients with non -spermist must be examined in detail. When the cause cannot be diagnosed, and the patient has a strong desire to do IVF, if necessary, consider the testicular biopsy. Help the final diagnosis.

Therefore, testicular biopsy can be called “ultimate examination”. When the last step is detected, it has to take it as a killer -its purpose is to do pathological examinations, and the other is to take the way of essence. The method is to use a puncture needle, a biopsy or an open surgery in a better testicular testis, and take a small amount of testicular tissue for pathological examination. Surgical reconstruction sperm conveyor channel

Peter is an American and serves as a foreign teacher in a domestic school. At the age of 50, he met his current Chinese wife and Sister Pan in his 30s a year ago. Recently, Peter came to the reproductive center of Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University. He hoped that Professor Shen Changli could help him perform an alcheptism, because his wife wanted to have their children.

Shen Changli introduced that foreigners are not as strong as Chinese people. Peter performed the vascular ligation in his 20s. At that time, he did not want to bear the responsibility of being his father.

Clinically, there are also many men who have performed voltage ligation like Peter, and some patients who have caused infusion tubes due to medical -derived damage, all hope to restore fertility through surgery. Such male cases can generally use micro-surgical surgery, such as vasters, vasters-vasters-epididymia, and hyperopular ejaculation tubes.

“Source” essence

It is undeniable that not every patient can dredge pipelines through surgery, but patients do not need to be anxious, as well as “ultimate secret techniques” — surgery extract.

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The so -called surgical essence is to avoid the infusion road that is not unaccant due to obstacles, and hides the sperm in the “source” — the sperm in the testicles or epididymis. technology. The object of artificial sperm exceeds not only patients with obstructive spermatozoa, but also apply a small number of non -obstructive spermatozoa patients who can produce a small amount of normal sperm in the testicles. However, relatively speaking, non -obstructive spermatozoa can produce a lower probability of normal sperm, and the success rate of sperm surgery is lower.

At present, the method of sperm essence of surgery is the main method of spermatogenesis and sperm of the skin, and the testicular puncture of the percutaneous testicular. Sex surgery, under micro -surgery, has a high cost and is still being explored.

Shen Changli said: “Each method of taking sperm has its own advantages and disadvantages, and which method is used without uniform regulations. Patients with non -sperm -free patients use surgery to rebuild sperm transmission channels or IVF babies. The cause of sperm patients to choose a personalized treatment plan. No matter which method is used, the ultimate goal is only one, to find sperm in patients with no sperm disease, take out the sperm smoothly, keep the sperm, so that it can be with the eggs with the eggs. Combine, give birth to a healthy baby. “

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