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Pay attention to “food supplement” for children’s diarrhea

In pediatrics, pediatric diarrhea is the second largest disease after respiratory diseases. The delay of diarrhea is one of the main causes of children’s growth and development disorder, malnutrition and death. For the treatment of children with diarrhea, a reasonable and scientific diet is particularly important. However, there are many parents who have suffered from diarrhea during diarrhea or not.

In the past, children with diarrhea need to restrict diet to allow gastrointestinal rests. However, the consensus on the principle of diarrhea treatment of children is not advocating for fasting and encouraging eating. The reason is that the child is in a critical period of growth and development, and needs sufficient nutrition. Diagnosis has caused a large amount of nutrients to lose. If the diet is restricted, it is tantamount to worsening, which is not conducive to children’s growth and development, and even leads to recurrence of diarrhea. Therefore, children with diarrhea should be eaten reasonably and scientifically.

When parents and medical staff manage children with diarrhea, they must first try to be fed in the original way (accelerate gastrointestinal function recovery). Suggestions: 1. Children who eat breast milk continue to eat breast milk; The child continues to feed formula milk; children with more than 3.6 months continue to eat daily foods that have been used to, such as porridge, noodles, soft rice, eggs, fish minced, minced meat, fresh fruit juice, etc.; Avoid eating vegetables, fruits, and high -sugar foods or drinks with more crude fiber; 6. After the diarrhea stops, it will continue to feed the children, and the number of times is more than usual. It lasts for 2 weeks. Nutritional children recover at height and weight at height and weight. Before normal, the number of meals should be added.

Secondly, proper nutritional treatment is performed for different situations of children. Specifically: 1. Children with suspected viral enteritis can temporarily feed low (remove) lactose formula for 1 to 2 weeks. After the child’s diarrhea improves, it turns into the original feeding method. 2. For children with allergic diarrhea (often see with milk allergies), avoid allergies into allergies. Babies can usually tolerate deep hydrolyzed cheese protein formula milk. If they are still impatient, formula milk or elements can be used based on amino acids (a chemical refined food, which contain nutrients that are easy to digest and absorb all the human body). 3. Children with chronic diarrhea, intestinal mucosal damage, and adverse syndrome must also have a element diet. 4. For a small number of severe cases, patients who cannot resist oral nutrients, patients with severe malnutrition and hypoproteinemia need intravenous injection of nutrients.

Finally, strengthen the nutrition management of children with prolonged diarrhea. If you give nutritional meals (110 kcal/daily weight per kilogram); continue breastfeeding, increase the number of children’s eating, at least 6 times a day; give low lactose content or does not contain lactose diet; supplement a variety of vitamins and mines Material, supplemented for 2 weeks, the daily amount is: 50 mg of folic acid, 10 mg of zinc, vitamin A400 mg, copper 1 mg, and 80 mg of magnesium. The second/day can restore a normal diet. ▲

Speaker: Comprehensive Department of Emergency Department of Children’s Emergency Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital

Chief physician Zhang Xianhua

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