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Pay attention to these things when treating bronchitis

Bronchitis refers to inflammatory diseases of the bronchial, bronchial mucosa and surrounding tissues, and generally appear in people with cold symptoms or smoking for many years. Many people do not take bronchitis as one thing, and feel that they have a cold. I do n’t know if bronchitis is not treated in time and develops into chronic bronchitis, it is difficult to treat it. So, what should I pay attention to when treating bronchitis?

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Quit smoking and alcohol: Relevant experts suggest that patients with tobacco and alcohol hobbies quit smoking and drinking, because smoking can cause bronchial wall spasm, increased secretions, mucosal epithelium damage, scales epithelium, woven hair, gland hypertrophy. Moreover, smoke contains toxins such as aldehyde, nitrogen oxides, etc., which can stimulate the respiratory mucosa to produce inflammation, cause cough, sputum, and induce bronchitis. Therefore, patients must absolutely quit smoking and alcohol. This is the daily diet method of bronchitis.

Control of salt intake: High -sodium salt diet can increase the reactivity of bronchies. Therefore, the dietary health work of patients with bronchitis advocates patients with less salt and light diet. Studies have found that salt sales in some areas are directly proportional to the number of bronchitis patients in the region. Patients with bronchitis should also eat less acidic foods such as vinegar to prevent the worsening of the disease, which is not conducive to later treatment.

Contraindications: Patients with allergic constitution should eat less heterosexin foods. Once a certain food can really induce bronchitis, you must avoid eating. Dietary requirements for bronchitis patients.

Prevention: Prevention of respiratory tract infection, regulating immune function is also important for the prevention of bronchitis. Patients should always pay attention to changes in weather and do a good job of cold protection and warmth. Babies should be based on breast milk. Breast milk contains secretion -type immune protein antibodies, which can increase the resistance of the respiratory tract.

I believe that everyone has learned a lot of useful things from the above introduction, and also knows more about bronchitis diseases. In fact, during the treatment of bronchitis, as long as it is actively cooperating with the doctor’s treatment and developing good living habits Bronchitis is not so terrible.

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