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Pay attention to what priorities should be checked during medical examinations?

Children’s physical examination is monitoring children’s growth and development, and timely discover abnormal physiological and intellectual development. Under normal circumstances, newborns should be checked once every 1 to 2 weeks; babies within June age should be once a month; babies over June or above, 1 year old for 1 to 3 years old; ; 3 to 18 years old once a year.

Key points: lead content

Lead is the only trace element that is not needed in the human body. It affects the development of intelligence and bones, causing indigestion, anemia, destroying kidney function and immune function. Even if there is a 0.01 micrograms of lead in the human body, it will cause damage to health. Therefore, lead testing is the top priority of children’s physical examination.

Key points: blood pigmentation

Children with anemia are often 2 to 10 cm shorter than normal children, most of which are iron deficiency. Iron deficiency will reduce children’s immunity, affect cognitive ability, and cause children to be weird and moving.

Key points: zinc, calcium, magnesium

80%of children with zinc internal zinc below a normal level of 1/2 have severe developmental detention. Therefore, if children want to grow tall, zinc intake is important. Calcium and magnesium are also indispensable trace elements, which complement each other to promote development. Calcium deficiency and high blood calcium can affect growth and development, and even cause diseases. Therefore, calcium cannot be supplemented casually.

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Key level 4: Bone age measurement

Mainly analyze the child’s height potential and development based on X -rays. According to scientific research, the early development trend of children with bone age will seriously affect his height and body shape, causing him not to grow at the age of 16. Therefore, bone age determination during physical examination is also essential.

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