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Penal diagram of dysmenorrhea


Dysmenorrhea is because the endometrium will secrete a large number of prostaglandins during menstruation, causing shrinkage of the uterus, causing lower abdominal pain.

It can be manifested in lower abdomen pain and swelling before and after menstruation. It can be accompanied by backache or other discomfort, which affects normal life and work. It is a common symptom of women in the childbearing age.


Penal diagram of dysmenorrhea

The causes of dysmenorrhea include primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea.Primary dysmenorrhea is mainly the increase in endometrium prostaglandins, vascular decoscles, and endogenous uterine complications before the menstrual tide.Patients with secondary dysmenorrhea include endometriosis, pelvic infection, uterine adenocular disease, cervical adhesion, etc., which affect the cycle of hormones and symptoms such as hyperplasia, bleeding and pain.


Primary dysmenorrhea mainly adopts general treatment and drug treatment to relieve pain symptoms, perform local hot compresses, can apply warm stickers, hot towels, etc., and can take drugs such as ibuprofen and ketonopafen in accordance with doctors.Secondary dysmenorrhea is mainly treated for the cause.

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