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Penal extension surgery achieves perfect man

Penis extension is a mature external genital plastic surgery simple and easy to damage the small function, which is suitable for the quality of the penis to affect the quality of the couple and the basics of the penis.

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What preparations should be done before the penis extension?

Strict physical examination

What is the process of penile extension?

Design incision in the pubic bone combination as appropriate. This group preferred “V” shape incision (63%), followed by “M”, “Z”, “V”, the two branches of the two branches of 4cm are in the penis The root of the roots is 5cm Cutting the skin by cutting the skin to reveal the shallow fascia and loose connective tissue of the shallow suspension of the penis and the ligament of the ligament of the ligament of the ligament. Noodles 1.4 ~ 1.8cm have a penis deep suspension ligament to the bottom of the triangle from the bottom of the pubic bone combined with the front half of the front half and completely cut off the penis sponge body to the pubic bow to the sponge bodies buried in front of the pubic bone 3 ~ 5cm. About 1.5cm from the dense connective tissue below the dull separation of the pubic abolition of the pubicio can touch the separation of the desertedness and the pubic bone branch under the pubic bone cut, the separation of the penis should be carefully separated when the penis back veins are revealed. If necessary, you can cut off the sewing). The connective tissue on both sides of the pubic bow can be pushed into the center and washed on the lowest point of the pubic arch to suture the skin on both sides of the penis roots on the fat pads at the pubic arched to prevent the reusion of the ligament; The skin incision of the penile end is sutured in the dermis and fixed in the deep fascia of the penis to prevent the skin from sliding the skin to the tip of the penis to place rubber strip drainage surgical tissue liquid and bleeding

What is the effect after the penis extension is completed?

1 The effective extension of the penis is 3-5cm; or thickened 4cm;

2 Hidden scar of the incision is increasingly diluted with the shift of time;

3 Beautiful and natural after surgery;

4 Simple and easy painless damage to small injury

5 The short operation time is about 1 hour;

6 No damage: Since the operation itself does not involve the testicular, it will not damage the urethra and ejaculation function, it will not affect the fertility function;

7 Surgery is safe and reliable;

8 Do not affect its sensation and function

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How should I care after the penis is extended?

After surgery, antibiotics can be used for a week to prevent infection and rest for 1 to 2 weeks. In the first few days, Ice -pack cold compresses can be used to reduce pain and use stable 10mg to prevent night erection to reduce penile erection and reduce foreskin edema to prevent the effect of 7 days and remove the incision dressing. Starting from 1 week after surgery, the penis head is pulled forward and down, and gradually increases to increase for more than 4 weeks to prevent the penis from shrinking back.

(Intern editor: Wuying)

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