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People who cook at home pay attention: Don’t forget to simmer these 4 kinds of vegetables. Don’t wait for the hospital to regret

People who cook frequently should know that some vegetables go through the steps of “simmered water”, because this step can remove pesticide residues, nitrite, oxalic acid, odor and other effects, and can also keep the vegetables in bright color. , Increase appetite.

However, some people don’t pay attention. When encountering some foods that are not often made, they forgot the step of “simmered water”, which led to poisoning into the hospital.

People who cook at home pay attention: Don't forget to simmer these 4 kinds of vegetables. Don't wait for the hospital to regret



Picture source: Chongqing Morning News

In 2019, the 75 -year -old uncle in Chongqing Jiulong Po did not “simmer” before eating the buds, which caused too much nitrite poisoning, and also had symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea. Almost endangered life, but fortunately sent to the hospital in a timely manner.

Coincidentally, in June 2020, Aunt Li, 63, Jiaxing Haining, picked the four seasons of beans planted in her home, had no water, and fired half of them.

At 10 o’clock in the evening, the symptoms of food poisoning such as diarrhea and vomiting. Aunt Li, who did not know the reason, only went to the hospital to hang saline, but she had not urinated on the third day, so she went to the hospital for treatment. Five periods, which are uremia.

These foods are recommended to simmer water first to avoid food poisoning

The news that does not cause food poisoning for “watering” is not uncommon, but it has always made such errors. In order not to cause serious consequences of life, we must pay attention to whether it is “simmered water” when cooking food daily. Essence

For example, these common foods below are recommended to simmer before eating:

1. Four season beans

Fresh seasons of beans contain a substance called aggluton, which has the effects of red blood cells condensed and hemolytic. This is a self -protection substance produced by the four seasons of beans. It manifests nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain.

People who cook at home pay attention: Don't forget to simmer these 4 kinds of vegetables. Don't wait for the hospital to regret

2, toon

The color of the toon buds is tender, unique, and rich in nutrition. It is often used to make cricket scrambled eggs, toon tofu and other foods, but there are not a few people who eat toon poisoning because of improper consumption of toon poisoning.

Because toon contains nitrate and nitrite, nitrite will be combined with hemoglobin of the human body, which causes high -speed rail hemoglobin, induces gastric cancer and esophageal cancer, and may be life -threatening.

3. Spinach

Spinach contains oxalic acid. After digestion and absorption of the human body, and combined with the calcium elements in the body, it is easy to form stones.

4, daylily

Fresh linar contains colliests in autumn. After gastrointestinal digestion and absorption, toxic two autumn water pythonicine may cause abdominal pain and diarrhea.

There are also some people who like to simmer the water before cooking these two types of food. The first is the blue flower, because the blue flower is not easy to clean, so many people use the steps of simmered the water to remove the agricultural residues. It will also be better; the other is that meat and seafood have a fishy smell because of direct cooking and consumption, so use the water to remove the fishy smell.

People who cook at home pay attention: Don't forget to simmer these 4 kinds of vegetables. Don't wait for the hospital to regret

Vegetables simmer in water, will nutrition be lost in large quantities?

Some people say that the nutrition will be lost after the vegetables are simmered. In fact, when the vegetables are simmered, pesticide residues and sediment can be removed.

Those who say that water can cause a lot of nutrients to lose a lot of nutrients may not be able to grasp the time of simmered water, which will cause the loss of nutrients such as vitamin C. This is also normal.

To avoid a large amount of nutrients, control the boiling state of the water when simmered water, keep the heat, and different vegetables should control the time of simmering water.

Cold water or hot water pot?

So how should we distinguish which foods are cooled with cold water and which water boils? Cold water is mainly to remove the odor to remove the smell, which is more suitable for meat, such as pork, beef, lamb, etc., can be used to break the water. It can remove blood water. With the formation of foaming It is easier to taste, and soup will make the soup clear.

The hot water is mainly to remove the residual and maintain the color. Therefore, some green leafy vegetables, spinach, western blue flowers, lotus root, etc. need to be boiled and then add the pot, and the hot time is not easy to be too long.

What other issues should be paid to?

Pay attention to the following problems when simmered:

1. Time to control water

The water controls the duration according to the type of food. It takes only 1 minute of spinach and toon, and the blue flowers and cauliflower can be about 2 minutes. It takes 5 minutes to remove the toxins in the four seasons.

People who cook at home pay attention: Don't forget to simmer these 4 kinds of vegetables. Don't wait for the hospital to regret

2. Add ingredients

Adding a small amount of salt and oil before putting vegetables can reduce the loss of nutrients, and it can also maintain the color of the vegetables; the meat that removes the odor can also increase the assistance of cooking wine or ginger onion and garlic.

3. Different dishes simmer in water

When the vegetables are simmered, it must be equipped with water that does not have vegetables without vegetables. It does not take too long to simmer the water. Pay attention to a kind of vegetable and one pot of water when simmered different vegetables. If you need to put it for a while, you can use cold water to cool down once, and you can avoid nutrition loss.

But don’t underestimate the steps of “simmered water”. To be small, it can enhance the flavor and color of the vegetables and make people more appetite. In the case of big, you can also remove some vegetable toxins and pesticide residues. It is two birds with one stone.

As long as we have some precautions for simmered water, the kitchen is promoted to the master level in minutes.

People who cook at home pay attention: Don't forget to simmer these 4 kinds of vegetables. Don't wait for the hospital to regret

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