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People who smoke for a long time suddenly quit, will the body affect?3 tricks teach you how to quit smoking

“After half a lifetime of cigarettes, after quit smoking, I found lung cancer.”

“Uncle Liu smoked a lifetime of cigarettes and lived to more than 90!”


It seems that these views are most people’s views on quitting smoking.In our lives, we often hear others say that a certain smoking is also longevity, and people who do not smoke are short -lived.Is this really true?Regarding the two or three things to quit smoking, Xiao Miao said to everyone here today.


1. Among the 100 smokers, how many people will eventually have lung cancer?

As we all know, smoking is one of the main reasons for lung cancer. Many people are curious. How many people will have lung cancer among the 100 smokers?

“British Cancer Magazine” published a research paper on cumulative risk of smoking on male lung cancer in Europe.Researchers analyzed data from the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and Sweden from 1985 to 1994 to study data from multiple centers in male lung cancer, counting the cumulative risks of 75-year-old male lung cancer.

The results of the study show that by the age of 75, the cumulative risk of lung cancer from no smokers is 0.2-0.6%, the risk of smoking quitters is 4.2-6.5%, the risk of continuous smokers is 14-16%, and the continuous severe smokers are those who are smokers.(More than 5 smoking daily) is 20-25%.In other words, 16 of the 100 smokers will die of lung cancer before the age of 75. If the range is reduced to people with more than 5 daily smokers, 25 of the 100 people die of lung cancer.

In addition to lung cancer, in addition to lung cancer, it also includes heart disease, lung disease, and other cancers.According to data released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 480,000 people die each year due to smoking.

More than 40,000 people died of second -hand cigarettes, 29%of them died of lung cancer due to smoking, 33%died of cardiovascular disease due to smoking, and 21%died due to smoking.With diseases, 3%of people died of stroke due to smoking, 7%of people died of other cancers due to smoking, and 7%died of other diseases due to smoking.

The studies mentioned earlier pointed out that more people who smoke at the age of 7 will have a 25%chance of dying lung cancer due to smoking.Calculated at this proportion, among 100 smokers, a total of 25 (dying in lung cancer)+28 (dead from cardiovascular disease) +18 (dying in lung disease) +3 (dying in stroke) +6 (dead in other otherCancer) +6 (died in other diseases) = 86 people died of smoking.

Second, why does someone smoke lung cancer for a lifetime?

Although we all know that smoking will endanger health, many old smokers will refute that smoking in a certain life is still longevity and no lung cancer.Why do some smokers get lung cancer?

A study in “Nature · Genetics” on April 11, 2022 answered this question.

Studies have pointed out that smoking can trigger genetic mutations in normal lung cells and cause lung cancer. As age and smoking increase, the accumulation rate of gene mutations in normal lung cells will continue to increase.

Researchers have observed that when the amount of smoking reaches 23 packs · year (1 pack year = number of smoking packages every day × number of smoking years), the genetic mutation frequency of lung cells will tend to be stable and no further increase.The self -protection mechanism in the long -term smokers avoids the genetic mutations of lung cells, thereby reducing the prevalence of lung cancer.As a result, some smokers did not suffer lung cancer because of smoking.

It is worth reminding that do not take the results of this study as an excuse for smoking, not everyone can become the “lucky”.

An article on the study of smoking on lung damage published by “Liu Ye Dao” shows that compared with those who have never smoked, the lung function of the past smoking and low -dose smoke will accelerate, and it will also cause long -term irreversible to some target organs to cause long -term irreversible rebellionDamage.Even if the long-term smoking may not have lung cancer, smoking does hurt the lungs, and this damage is lagging, which may be delayed for 10-30 years.

Third, the person who smokes for a long time suddenly quit, will the body affect?

If a person who smokes suddenly abstains from smoking, there may be some discomfort symptoms, such as mental tension, anxiety, depression, inadequate attention, increased saliva, and sleep disorders.Many people think that these discomforts are caused by the body’s illness because of quitting smoking, but in fact, this is a normal body regulation phenomenon, which is known as a “quit reaction”.

The essence of the abstinence reaction is actually relying on nicotine and psychological dependence.After stopping smoking, the concentration of nicotine in the blood decreases, and psychological and behavioral habits will cause endocrine disorders of neuroterazes. The digestive system and circulation system will also cause temporary disorders. Nicotine will directly affect the brain and nervesEssence

The degree of abstinence reactions mainly depends on the history of smoking, the number of smoking, and the age of smoking. That is to say, the greater the amount of smoking, the longer the smoke age, the more severe the symptoms reflected by the quitting.The symptoms of quitting generally appear within a few hours after quitting, and the first week after quitting smoking is the most serious.Most smoking quitting symptoms will gradually decrease after 3-4 weeks until they disappear, and some serious dependent ones may last more than 1 year.All in all, after quitting smoking, there will be an abstinence reaction, but it will not last long, and it will not cause serious organic diseases.Severe diseases such as lung cancer after smoking quitting are not caused by quitting smoking, but the result of many years of smoking that causes a large amount of harmful substances to cause damage to the body.

Yang Qing, chief physician of the Department of Cardiology of West China Hospital of Sichuan University, said that quitting smoking is not easy, especially for those who smoke for a long time.80%of smokers want to quit smoking, but only 3%-5%of people succeed.As long as you survive the abstinence, the chance of successful quitting is greatly improved.

Fourth, smoking addiction can always quit?Try these 3 tricks, or help you

The data of the “2018 China Adult Tobacco Survey” shows that 19.8%of the smokers have tried to quit smoking in the past year, but 90.1%of them did not use any smoking quit methods, resulting in many people’s unsuccessful quit smoking.If you want to successfully quit smoking, you should follow the scientific and effective method of quitting smoking.

1. Establish a clear will to quit smoking

Before quit smoking, find out the smoking quit motivation, determine to abstain from smoking, and determine the smoking cessation day as soon as possible.At the same time, it is necessary to create an environment that is conducive to quitting smoking, and throw all things related to smoking related to cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays, etc., to avoid the desire to smoke when you see these objects.You can prepare some gum, nuts, etc. to relieve the pain caused by smoking addiction. Once you have a smoke addicted, eat a few nuts or chew gum to divert your attention.

2. Learn to ask for help to quit the clinic

If you fail to quit smoking multiple times, it is recommended to seek the help of a professional smoking cessation clinic.The doctor will formulate a personalized smoking cessation treatment plan based on the situation of the smoking cessory. It will help the smoking quites through a variety of intervention methods such as smoking quit drugs and guidance in their hearts.This can greatly improve the success of smoking cessation.

3. Don’t blindly reject the medicine

Many smoking quitters are worried that quitting smoking can cause side effects by taking medicine, but in fact, the use of drugs is a very formal method for treating smoking addiction.Smoking drugs can alleviate the symptoms of phase and increase the success rate of smoking cessation.At present, the domestic first -line smoking drugs include nicotine alternative drugs (including nicotine patch, nicotine chewing glue, etc.), and alcoholic acid lipstick ninx and hydrochloride pelposterone almindly interpretation tablets.

It should be noted that because each smoking quit drug has its own taboos and cautious situations, smoking quitters should take smoking cessation drugs under the guidance of a professional doctor.

Smoking is harmful and healthy, and it will increase the risk of lung cancer and cardiovascular disease. Even mild smoking will increase the risk of early death.The smoking quit is not late at any time, the more early smoking, the more conducive to physical health.As long as you are firm and the first step in quitting smoking, I believe you will gain a healthier body.

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