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People with poor psychological quality are easier to commit suicide?Be wary of 4 suicide precursors, you know that you can save your life!

On July 4, a man in Yongzhou, Hunan died at the door of a toilet in Huyan Park due to excessive blood loss. It is reported that the man was from Hainan and suspected of suffering from mental illness. Police found that Lin Moumou committed suicide with a pencil knife.

Why is suicide often considered selfishness and filial piety?

Is China’s suicide rate high? In his speech in “One”, Fei Lipeng listed a set of data: at the end of the last century, suicide was the fifth cause of death in the country. At the same time, people were surprised to find that the suicide rate ranked high.

At that time, China had accounted for 1/5 of the global population in the global suicide ratio.

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Since the reform and opening up, the outbreak of work has exploded, and the domestic economy has leaped rapidly. In recent decades, the suicide rate has declined straight. Compared with 1990, the average annual suicide in 2013 decreased at least 100,000. China has changed from 33%of the world’s deaths to 15.5%.

Suicide is a heavy topic. As long as you live, there is hope. But when a person feels better than death, he chooses such an extreme way. There is a hot topic about death: Is suicide a selfish and filial act?

Many people in the answer think that suicide is selfish and filial piety. Suicide only considers that they are “happy” for a while, and do not consider the feelings of relatives in the world.

In fact, many people who suicide and attempted suicide, he was afraid of dragging his friends and friends around him. Instead, they think that without me, they will live better. This idea is extremely common among those who have suicide, planning, and actions.

People with poor psychological quality are easier to commit suicide?

When I saw the news of someone committed suicide in the news, I always lamented: “This person, the psychological quality is really poor, and he committed suicide at all.”

Psychology found that suicide is related to the psychological state of a person. The weaker the pressure resistance of a person, the more it feels like being isolated, the easier it is to make extreme behaviors.

At the same time, suicide will also be affected by society and culture. Through investigating attempted suicide people, he found that suicide caused by psychological problems accounted for 30%, and suicide caused by social problems accounted for 70%.

Social issues include: family contradictions, divorce, children’s problems, husband and wife life discord, etc.; In addition, the elderly are also the main reason.

What are the signs of people before suicide?

Can people really say that they die? In fact, in addition to choosing suicide due to impulse, many suicide behaviors have been traceable before.

Remember the Sherry of the Korean women’s group earlier? Before she committed suicide, she often published some information with negative emotions through social software ins. Professor Jia Fujun of the People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province said that most suicides have abnormalities in terms of words and behavior before suicide:

A huge change in temperament: a huge change in personality and emotional expression. A person does not speak much on weekdays, and suddenly becomes lively and bold, and often discuss the problem of death with you, which surprises you.

A huge changes in behavior: The regular life and rests have undergone tremendous changes. For example, those who have been sleeping at 11 pm on time, now they always like to hide late at night and don’t know what to do.

Or suddenly I don’t like to interact with people and get myself in isolation. Or suddenly become a lot of money, buy a lot of things for family and friends, and want to compensate through money.

Great changes in language: Some people suddenly show to others that there is no meaning to live a little. Or indirectly pass on the idea of ​​”all this is about to end” and “death can solve everything”.

They will collect a lot of information, inquire, talk, or write various suicide methods, and sometimes make some suicide jokes.

The environmental changes are huge: When a person who had a happy family suddenly separated from the yin and yang due to natural disasters and human disasters, no matter how strong the heart was, there would be an impulse to “follow”.

Family, career, finance, academic, emotional and other external environments will cause the idea of ​​suicide due to despair.

The prevention of suicide requires everyone’s participation. If you find that the friends and loved ones you care about are in a psychological crisis, do not despise it, you should take it seriously. If you can’t help, accompany him or her to seek help and treatment.

Interaction: Do you think the person who committed suicide had wanted to open it or didn’t you want to open it?


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