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People with the most new crowns

People with the most new crowns

People with the most new crowns?The full name of the new crown is the new coronary virus. There is no new type of coronary virus in clinical. The most repeated infection of the new coronary virus can obtain a certain degree of immunity after infection or vaccination of the new coronary virus vaccine.

The common symptoms of the new coronary virus infection include fatigue, fever, dry cough, sore throat, etc. All ages have no resistance to the new coronary virus and are generally susceptible to age, especially the elderly in the age of 60.Those with basic diseases such as diseases, chronic lung diseases, diabetes, chronic liver, kidney diseases, tumors, and immune functional defects, obese people, advanced pregnancy and perinatal women, etc., may develop into severe or critical after infection.Severe is a serious situation, but there is no clinical data for those who have repeatedly infected with the most new coronary virus.

Although a certain immunity may be obtained after infection with a new coronary virus or inoculation of a new coronary virus vaccine, a re -infection may still occur.People need to take protective measures and wear masks correctly when they go out.If you have been in high risk areas or have contact history with new coronary virus infections in the near future, the above symptoms of suspected new coronary virus infected with the above suspected infection of new coronary virus can be detected by the new coronary virus antigen detection reagent, or a new type of coronary virus nucleic acid detection can be used to go to the hospital for a popular nepatum.Determine whether infection.

Be sure to pay attention to personal hygiene and wash your hands frequently. For example, you can use hand sanitizers or soaps, wash your hands with flowing water, or use alcohol -containing scrubbing solution, and pay attention to eliminate disinfecting work, maintain the environmental hygiene of living, open the window to open the windows and ventilated air. Essence


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