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Perfect Breeding Comprehensive Analysis: 27 Week

Now do you feel that the pressure on the lower abdomen is getting bigger and bigger, and the protruding belly has gradually fallen. This is what the fetus is usually said to start into the pot, that is, the fetal head is dropped into the pelvis, which is preparing for delivery.


The position of the bottom of the uterus gradually declines, so that your lungs and stomach will feel faster, breathing and eating are also relaxed than a while, so appetite has improved, and the stomach will not be so uncomfortable after eating food. But action is increasingly difficult. Due to the decline of the fetal head and pulling the cervix, some pregnant women feel that the fetus seems to fall out. Moreover, the bladder is under pressure, so you always have the intention and have to run to the toilet again and again. There are more vaginal secretions. Pay attention to keeping your body clean. In particular, you should pay attention to whether the vaginal secretion is normal and whether there are blood secretions. If there is blood stains, you should go to the hospital for examination immediately.

Now you have entered the final stage of pregnancy. The fetus is growing at a rate of 20-30 grams per day. He weighs about 3,000 grams and is about 51 cm in length. By this weekend, your fetus can be called full moon (newborns from 38 to 40 weeks are called full moon), which means that your baby may come to the world at any time, and your mother and child will soon meet Well, ok, wipe

At this time, a weekly medical examination, the doctor will check whether the fetus has been entered into the basin. If the fetal position is abnormal at this time, then there are very few opportunities for the fetus to turn into the head position. If a doctor cannot correct it, it is likely that you can adopt a caesarean section to ensure the safety of you and your baby.

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