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Perfect Breeding Comprehensive Analysis: Eighth Week

After entering the 8th week, the fetus has begun to take shape.


Technically, your baby is still called embryo, because the fetus’s body still has a small tail, and this little tail will disappear in the next few weeks. At 9 weeks of pregnancy, it can be called a fetal period. Now the heart and brain of the embryo have developed very complicated, the eyelids begin to appear folds, the nose parts are beginning to tilt, the arms become curved on the elbow, and a small amount of bending above the heart.

Your abdomen still looks very flat now, but in your uterus has changed significantly. Before pregnancy, your uterus is like a tight fist. Now it not only increases, but also becomes soft. The vaginal wall and cervix are soft due to congestion, which is purple and blue, and the uterine gorge is particularly soft. When your uterus grows, your abdomen will feel a little spasm, and sometimes you will feel the pain in instantly.

Now you can perform the first prenatal examination. In addition to pelvic examination, you also need to measure blood pressure to understand the basic blood pressure; check the heart and lungs; test the routine of urine and urine sugar; and perform a oral examination. If there are no abnormalities, you should check once a month in the middle of pregnancy and check it once a week in the third trimester.

At this time, you should pay attention not to keep cats, dogs and other pets, because the cat carries a bow -shaped germ. If the pregnant woman is infected with a bowworm, it will not only affect the normal development of the fetus, but also cause miscarriage, premature birth and congenital deformity. A kind of “chronic bureau’s stove mucopo virus” parasitic on the dog. If it enters the human body’s blood circulation, it will infringe bone cells, causing osteopologies to soft deformation and causing deformity orthopedicitis.

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