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Perfect Breeding Comprehensive Analysis: Eleven weeks

The 11th week of pregnancy is coming, and your early pregnancy is almost over. Now the early pregnancy reaction begins to reduce, and in a few days, the phenomenon of nausea and vomiting and loss of appetite will end. You can often feel hungry, and you can’t meet your requirements every day.


Now your fetus is 45-63 mm in length and weighs 14 grams. The growth rate of the fetus has accelerated, and the operation of sucking, swallowing, and kicking in your uterus has begun, and his organs that maintain life have matured. In the next three weeks, your fetus’s length will double. During this period, many subtle places will begin to reveal, like fingernails, fluffy hair, etc. The fetus’s genitals start to grow. You can distinguish the reproductive organs of boys and girls.

The early pregnancy is over, and your fetus is full of the entire uterus. If you touch your pubic bone on your hands gently, you will touch the uterus. Now you may have noticed that your waist is thicker, but you don’t need to wear maternal clothes.

Now is the period when the fetus is fully developed, you should pay attention to the balanced diet to ensure the supply of sufficient protein, multiple vitamins, calcium, iron and other nutrients. Pregnant women with severe early pregnancy reactions should pay special attention to strengthening the supplements of calcium and vitamin D. The daily demand for calcium should be about 800 mg. Drink more milk now because it is rich in calcium, which can leak sodium row in urine and reduce blood capacity to eliminate edema. It can also prevent pregnancy hypertension and benefit the development of fetal bones.

What should be vigilant is: Pay attention to whether your pregnancy is ectopic pregnancy. The early manifestations of ectopic pregnancy feel that there is a hidden pain or sourness on the side of the lower abdomen. When the gynecological examination, you will find that the increase in the uterus is inconsistent with the month of pregnancy, and there is irregularity in the early pregnancy. Vaginal bleeding. When the fallopian tube is ruptured, there will be severe lower abdomen pain, which will soon cause shock due to major bleeding in the abdominal cavity.

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