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Perfect Breeding Comprehensive Analysis: Fifteen weeks

The fetal hair began to grow on the top of the fetus, and the eyebrows grew. Now there is a layer of fine velvet on the thin skin of the fetus, as if a fine velvet blanket is covered on him (her). This layer of fluff usually disappears at birth. Part of the muscle of the fetus starts to work. During this week, the fetus can do many movements, like holding hands tightly, squinting eyes, frowning, making a ghost face, sucking their thumbs, etc. These actions can help the fetus develop better better brain.


Between 15-18 weeks is the best time for prenatal diagnosis. Now you need to do a prenatal diagnosis. The main methods are B-ultrasound, mother body fluid examination, and amniocestinal puncture. The purpose is to determine whether the fetus exists in congenital defects Essence If you are: close relatives, elderly pregnant women over 35 years old, children with chromosomal patients, adnant abortion or death, etc., you need to check to determine the health of the fetus.

At present, you should also pay attention to oral hygiene. After pregnancy, due to the changes in endocrine and the increase in estrogen demand, the gums of pregnant women have more congestion or bleeding. At the same time, due to improper diet, the body is lazy and unwilling to exercise. Dental periodontitis, data showed that the incidence of periodontitis was very high among pregnant women who had miscarriage and premature birth. While paying attention to oral hygiene, the current status of the fetus has been stable, and the situation of tooth extraction and dental disease that cannot be accepted in the early pregnancy can now be solved.

The reaction of early pregnancy has passed. Now your appetite is big, but it should be noted that drinks and foods containing caffeine will affect the development of the fetus, heart, liver and other organs. Spicy food can cause constipation. High -sugar food will make you overweight and induce diabetes during pregnancy. Some foods containing additives and preservatives may lead to terators and abortion. The fritters contain alum, alum is an inorganic object of aluminum, aluminum affects the development of fetal intelligence, and inhibits pregnant women’s absorption of iron, which may increase the anemia during pregnancy. The ingredient of MSG is sodium glutamate. Eating too much will affect the absorption of zinc, which is not conducive to the development of the fetal nervous system. These foods have an impact on pregnant women and fetuses to varying degrees, so pay attention to eating less during pregnancy.

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