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Perfect Breeding Comprehensive Analysis: Forty weeks

That major moment in your life is coming. October conceive, once you give birth, all the hard work is about to end, and the long -awaited little life will soon be put into your warm arms.


Now doctors can determine the method of childbirth based on the fetus and your physical condition. Most mothers can give birth to their own baby, that is, vaginal delivery. This is the most natural and healthier method of childbirth, and it is also conducive to the baby’s physical and mental health. Don’t choose a caesarean section because of fear of pain or to keep your body shape.

Special maternal women should obey the doctor’s suggestion and choose a more suitable way of childbirth. Most fetuses will be born in this week, but only 5%of babies who can really accurately be born during the due date, because it has included reasonable errors during the calculation period, and it is normal for two weeks in advance or two weeks in advance. Don’t worry too much. However, if there is no sign of labor after two weeks of delay, especially when the fetal movement is significantly reduced, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible. The doctor will take corresponding measures to make the fetus delivery as soon as possible, otherwise it is not good for the fetus. Pay attention to avoid premature breakthroughs (early water), that is, the fetal membrane wrapped in the fetus and the amniotic fluid has not really begun to take birth. Essence Therefore, we must pay special attention to the final stage of pregnancy to avoid the life of husband and wife and avoid any pressure on the uterus.

At this time, the husband should be on standby at any time. The mobile phone and the calling machine should be driven. It is guaranteed that the wife can find you at any time, or you can entrust a relative and friend or ask for leave to accompany his wife. Also learn to help your wife count the frequency of the palace. When the interval between the contraction is getting shorter and the pain time is getting longer and longer, you should consider going to the hospital immediately, especially when the hospital is far from the hospital, be sure to be a distance. Arrange time. Finally, enjoy the two -person world who is not too much. Listen to music at home and look at the video disc. Such a day may bid farewell to you temporarily.

(Editor in charge: Zhao Yuanyuan Intern editor: Li Xuanying)

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