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Perfect Breeding Comprehensive Analysis: Fourth Week

Entering the fourth week, you may not have any feelings, and the germ has quietly “bed” in your uterus! You have not found a change in your body, right?


Now your uterine endometrium is affected by hormones secreted by the ovarian, which becomes thick and soft and nutritious. The blood vessels are expanded gently, the water is sufficient, the fertilized eggs are constantly split the cells. At this time, fertilized eggs are called embryo. When the transparent belt of the peripheral disappears, the bubbles are in contact with the endometrium and buried in the endometrium, called “bed”. It is usually completed 6-7 days after fertilization and completed within 11-12 days.

During this period, the brain has begun to develop. One week after the eggs were fertilized, the fertilized eggs were constantly divided. Some of them formed the brain and the remaining neural tissue was formed. At this time, the embryo was about 25 mm. In the next few weeks, the embryo cells in pregnant women will split at an alarming rate. In the first pregnancy month, the volume of the embryo increased by 7,000 times. The rapid division of cells requires a large number of deoxyuraogenic acid with the parent gene. The generation of deoxyrum ribosic acid requires a large amount of folic acid participation. If pregnant women lack folic acid, they will cause embryonic cell division disorders, leading to abnormal division of embryo cells and deformity of embryonic cell development. Especially due to the deformity of neural tube development, the fetus may have “brain -free” or “spine bales”.

Although you have reminded you to strengthen the intake of folic acid, it is still necessary to ask you to attract attention. Eating more fruits rich in folic acid every day will help you. The fetal brain development is closely related to the early nutritional conditions of pregnant women, and malnutrition will affect the development of brain cells and nervous systems. The fetus has been rooted in your uterus. Please pay attention to take care of your body and strengthen nutrition. Do not let your child lose on the starting line!

Some pregnant women at this stage will have symptoms similar to “colds”, and often have symptoms such as fever and coldness without any reason. It doesn’t matter. In a few days, your fever symptoms will automatically disappear.

(Editor in charge: Zhao Yuanyuan Intern editor: Li Xuanying)

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