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Perfect Breeding Comprehensive Analysis: Seventeen Week

Now the fetus is 13 cm in length and weighs 170 grams. This week, the fetus was as large as a pear, and the circulatory system, urethral, ​​etc. also started to work. The fetus began to sucked and exhale smoothly. Her or her lungs were developing stronger to help the air outside the uterus in the future.


Now you have increased at least 2 kg of weight. Some pregnant women may reach 5 kg. Your uterus grows a lot. Sometimes you feel painful pain. This pain is due to the abdomen stretching. The fetus feels about your touch. When you and your husband touch your abdomen with your hands, you will feel the power of slight reaction of the fetus. Many pregnant women are now worried about the health of the fetus. This is also the manifestation of your mother’s love.

Now we should pay more attention to prenatal education. Mother’s nutrition, disease, drugs taken, and the changes in the emotional changes of pregnant women constitute the chemical environment of the growth of the new body; Exercise, as well as sounds inside and outside the body, constitute the physical environment of fetal growth. All these direct and indirect stimulus will have a favorable or harmful effect on the physiological and psychological development of the fetus.

From 16 to 19 weeks, the hearing of the fetus was formed. At this time, the fetus was like a small “eavesdropper”. He (her) loves to listen to his mother’s tender voice and singing voice, so the second trimester is the best time for prenatal education. Now you can talk to the fetus with your husband, consciously talk to him or her, appropriately touch the abdomen, make gymnastics for the fetus, chat with the fetus, watch some beautiful pictures, listen to classical music, the fetus is in The warm mother love will grow and develop healthily.

(Editor in charge: Zhao Yuanyuan Intern editor: Li Xuanying)

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